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    2019 Sugartree 8 pointer

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    2019 Sugartree 8 pointer

    Did you sell this cue?
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    WTB King case

    Looking for a 2x4 or 3x5 with tooling. Exotics considered but not preferred. All colors considered but brown preferred.
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    Linen wrap issue

    I have been shooting with a wrap-less cue for a number of years. I recently picked up a new cue that I love however I find it sliding around in my hand as I do not like to grip the cue tightly. Is there anything I can treat the linen with that would give it some additional adhesion? Thank you...
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    Pat Diviney

    2016 Pat Diviney Near mint, 20oz, bumper-less, wrap-less, Hoppe from Rounceville blank, ivxxy joint & Hoppe ring (2) lightly played 13mm shafts with Kamui med. tips, (1) Lakewood, (1) bowling alley with 1” ivxxy For sale: $2400 partial trade for Justis case or classic style cue Sorry for...