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  1. Soulweb

    Andy Gilbert - Wrapless stunner 2011 For Sale

    She's sold folks....thanks for lookin
  2. Soulweb

    WTB Winning One-Pocket 2nd Ed

    Well I decided to finally try to get this book. I have watched them come and go, some for a very good price, over the years. Now that I'm looking I'm not seeing anything. I'm looking for 2nd edition only. I am not going to go at all costs to get the book. If someone has one for sale and...
  3. Soulweb

    WTB 9 foot table Cape Cod MA

    I think posting this here may be a waste of time, but I figure I have a better chance of getting information here than anywhere else on the web. I'm looking to purchase a 9 foot table for my newly built man cave. The room is 21'x20' at least so it will be big enough. The problem is it's a bit...
  4. Soulweb

    Efren Reyes "One Pocket Samurai" shirt from 2010 fatboy finals

    I have googled in different ways, searched the forum, and pulled out all my hair. Any chance anyone knows where to purcahse one of these Tshirts? Are they available at all...
  5. Soulweb

    WTB Gulyassy Orange Crusher cheap

    Am looking for an Orange Crusher that is in excellent shape. Mike's page says he is currently sold out. If anyone has one that they're not really using, is in near mint shape, and wouldn't mind parting with it for a fair price please send me a PM.
  6. Soulweb

    Murray Tucker fancy sneaky pete F/S

    SOLD! Thanks!
  7. Soulweb

    1994 Bill Schick for trade or sale!

    Traded...Thanks for the smooth Calibration! Hope she treats you well!
  8. Soulweb

    WTB Monk DVDs

    I got the Maine Event set for dirt cheap. Not what I expected, but it has me wanting to see more. I'm not going to fork over retail for these as I don't know really if they would be worth it. But if someone has em lying around and wants to make a few bucks off of them please let me know...
  9. Soulweb

    Dayton Purpleheart into ebony 5 pt - Best Price yet

    Cue is only a few weeks old, but I have a chance to buy a very nice cue that won't be around for long. So now it's here and up for sale. Cue comes in at 18.5 ounces. Weight is adjustable to a heavier cue via weight bolt. Here is a great Dayton 5 Pt Purpleheart with single Maple Veneer into...
  10. Soulweb

    WTB Joint Protectors made form 8, 9, or 14 balls

    I have seen these from time to time. I don't know if they are custom made (I assume they are) or if there is somewhere I can buy them commercially. But anyone know where I can find these?
  11. Soulweb

    WTB TAR 17 and Cuemaker's Round Table DVDs

    I post this request from time to time to see if I can ever find anyone willing to let go of these DVDs. I am looking for an original (not a copy) of TAR DVD "Cue Maker's Round Table" from 2009 And TAR 17 Mills vs Van Boening 9 Ball Race to 100 also from 2009 Lastly, TAR DVD Efren Reyes vs...
  12. Soulweb

    Re-tips in Cape Cod, MA

    Is there anywhere local to Cape Cod, MA or Plymouth, MA that will put a new tip on a shaft? As it stands now I think I have to ship out my shaft to have the a new tip put on. This seems hopelessly expensive. I was hoping someone around here knew of a place I can get a new tip installed...
  13. Soulweb

    5 Point DAYTON Purpleheart into ebony

    Moved to new thread
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    Shurtz / Bob Owen 2000 Beauty

    I thought I would never sell this cue. This was the first custom cue I ever bought. Sold for 2500.00 when new. I now have seven cues and that's just too many. So to thin out the herd I fear that this is to be my first offering. I am not looking for trades here as I already own too many...
  15. Soulweb

    My Schon Balabushka Tribute cue review!

    At long last I received my Schon Balabushka tribute cue. Here is my review on it. The Schon Balabushka tribute is the brainchild of AZ member, DeanC. he posted this limited (to just 7) production tribute cue on here before the ban on selling new cues. I have wanted a Schon since I was a...
  16. Soulweb

    WTS:WTT Vinatge Black/Brown Justis 2x4 Tube style

    Traded...thank you!
  17. Soulweb

    WTB "Knobbed"? Joint Protectors

    I would like to find the joint protectors that have a sort of "knob" at the end to make the cue and shaft(s) easier to remove from the case. I have some really nice handmade wooden JPs, but the side of them is so slick that it's a bit more effort to remove the cue from case than I would like...
  18. Soulweb

    Bill Schick production quantity?

    I have read the Blue Book entries, and as much as I could find on Bill Schick. I know that today he builds roughly ten cues a year, and of those ten the vast majority are for collectors and probably never come in contact with chalk. But what were his production totals in his prime? Any wild...
  19. Soulweb

    Looking for an Instructor near Plymouth, Massachusetts

    I was hoping to find an instructor local to me. I do not have a table so would be willing drive as long as the drive is not too far. If someone knows of a resource other than the BCA instructor finer (which turned up nothing) please let me know.
  20. Soulweb

    Any Instructors in the Plymouth, MA area?

    Hi Guys, Looking for an instructor near Plymouth, Massachusetts. I know there are a few in Boston, but that’s just too much of a hike for me. I live down near the Cape Cod canal. I tried the BCA search, but not much comes up. Is there any hope? Back in the 80’s there was a pool hall every...