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    Shark's Junior 10 Ball Open | Nov. 27, 2021 | Day 3 | Game 3

    on now..the future of filipino pool👊👊
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    cue id please

    what is it? thanks-
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    best pool role models?

    wondering which professional players instructors would recommend watching to see "the right way" to play? and why?
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    new/different blood

    watching a vid of these two young women playing in thailand, and they shoot so straight got me wondering how many monsters are out there, hidden and quiet? it's often parroted how many sleeping giants reside in the philippines, and I believe it- but why aren't we seeing more of them on a global...
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    vid a little busy, some pretty kicks tho..
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    Doggin' It with Molina Mike and Joey Ryan - Episode 1

    new show from PPP..shout to them, they keep bringin it
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    quick one re: "mosconi" cup

    was just pondering the fact that the cup, where 9-ball is the featured game, is named after such a great straight pooler apparently straights and tv don't mix well, I'm not sure- but it would be cool if they could incorporate 14.1 into the cup
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    skill level re: equipment

    "it's the archer, not the arrow" is often repeated here, and other places in spirit, I agree- I've always liked the idea of grabbing off the wall and playing well and I don't think my game has historically been very affected by using different gear over the past year or two, I've felt I'd do...
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    The Filipino invasion of pool: Setting new standards in the game

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    heavy shafts

    man, is like, "heavy," a relative term? is 5 oz. heavy to you? what I'm using now is 5 oz., and that number is increasing somewhat as a mainly open bridge player, I like the weight holding the shaft down and so far it feels good. I feel just a bit more confident holding my cue. but as with...
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    making a cue more forward-balanced- ?

    I know you can make a joint heavier- pros and cons? I guess a shaft can be made heavier, but that's limited by its dimensions, what wood, etc.- ? just wondering what options are available/what's preferred amongst y'all, and why- thanks.
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    matchroom/us open COVID protocol

    doesn't seem to be much info. on their website I don't see a lot of people wearing masks, in general is vaccination required on any level to participate/attend?
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    how to design a true parabolic/conical tapered cue- ?

    what dimensions are used to make the cone? cue tip and end of butt diameter? joint? cue length? all of the above? I'm trying to design a cue, and am wondering how variable these dimensions can be/ what dimensions "fix" the cone shape thanks for any info.-
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    judd trump exhibition in seattle

    pricey, but f y eye-
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    "The Hustler of Money"

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    11.75 vs. 11.8

    this is likely silly, but thanks in advance for humoring me besides .05mm, is there a difference between 11.75 and 11.8 diameter shafts? predator pushes 11.8- is that because they seek to differentiate themselves in the marketplace? or is there any other reasonable reason to go up to 11.8...
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    how many microdots are on the shootable part of the cb?

    I only suppose "microdot" is the correct term..I believe I've heard mark wilson reference it even then I'm not sure that's accurate..1mm tip contact?
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    new pocket billiards/snooker joint in seattle

    opening next week! tough action opening in a pandemic, but don't it look fine? stay safe, support each other when possible
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    long races

    agree with some guff about long races being too long but also admire the concept- typically, the longer race truly shows the better player anybody can win a short race, etc. so what format/length really tips the better player but without eating up the whole weekend pick your game- 1p, 8, 9, 10...
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    suppose you had $5K to spend on pool...

    free and clear- but it's got to be on something(s) pool-related buy some gear, go to a tourna, get a lesson, bet it up, however... how would you blow it?