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  1. AcuraHeel

    Revo 12.4, 3/8x10

    Shaft was test hit for about an hour. It's practically brand new. I had it upgraded with Kamui Black Medium tip. $475 shipped
  2. AcuraHeel

    Sold Leather JB Butterfly Case

    B Case, 3x4, LEATHER... Case has been out once and used for storing shafts and cues. It was made in April 2021 **pm with any questions** $400 Shipped
  3. AcuraHeel

    Sold Tiger Fortis Shaft, 3/8x10

    still for sale...
  4. AcuraHeel

    Sold Tiger Fortis Shaft, 3/8x10

    Price Drop!! just sitting in closet
  5. AcuraHeel

    Sold Tiger Fortis Shaft, 3/8x10

    My pin is modified and it fits perfect
  6. AcuraHeel

    Sold Tiger Fortis Shaft, 3/8x10

    test hit less than 4 racks!! * 12.50 mm * black collar $425 shipped
  7. AcuraHeel

    Sold BK Rush Break Cue- No Wrap

    Break cue is used and 95% condition! I'm going in a different direction or would keep it 575 shipped
  8. AcuraHeel

    Sold **CUETEC Cynergy 15K shaft, 3/8 x10**

    $350 was the new price... It's sold
  9. AcuraHeel

    Sold **CUETEC Cynergy 15K shaft, 3/8 x10**

    Still for sale... Price dropped!!
  10. AcuraHeel

    Sold **CUETEC Cynergy 15K shaft, 3/8 x10**

    It's brand new, still in factory plastic. I bought it to use, but went another direction. Default Tip: Sniper Joint Type: 3/8 x 10 Thread Shaft Length: 29 Inch Shaft Taper: Pro Taper Shaft Construction: Cuetec Cynergy $350 shipped
  11. AcuraHeel

    Sold Jacoby Black 3/8x10

    shaft still for sale!! Hasn't left closet since this original post
  12. AcuraHeel

    Sold Jacoby Black 3/8x10

    Shaft is still available.....
  13. AcuraHeel

    Sold Jacoby Black 3/8x10

    **price drop**
  14. AcuraHeel

    Sold Jacoby Black 3/8x10

    This shaft was only test hit only. It's 95-99% with a new Kamui Black Tip installed from Seyberts. PM me with any questions. Shaft is 29" Thanks, George $300 shipped
  15. AcuraHeel

    Tiger shafts

    Hi I have two Tiger shafts for sale 1. Tiger Ultra X LD * used but in great shape, with no dents or dings * 3/8x 10 * Kamui Black Medium Tip * 12.58 @ the tip *some bluing, but cleaning will take it all out $125 shipped 2. Tiger LD Shaft (newest version) * condition is 95%, with no issues *...
  16. AcuraHeel

    OB Classic+ BRAND NEW

    This shaft has never left the closet or seen a shaft. It's brand new in the tube - 5/16x14 w/ black collar - 12.75mm $140 shipped
  17. AcuraHeel

    Cuetec Cynergy 3/8 X 10 JOINT 15K Carbon Shaft

    Hi, I'm going through closet and selling shafts just laying around. This one is a shaft I bought late in 2019. It's used but in great shape. - 3/8x10 - Kamui Black Medium Tip - comes with original box [B][SOLD/B] **message me with any questions...
  18. AcuraHeel

    Cuetec Propel

    practically brand new Cuetec Propel. I bought it to try and went back to my Alex brick. I couldn't ever get comfortable with the carbon fiber feel. The Brick is so much heavier and it's what I've used for many years. $350 shipped
  19. AcuraHeel

    BK Rush Break Cue- Wrapless

    Practically brand new BK Rush break cue. It's broke maybe 15 racks of 10 ball. I've switched to using my playing cue. SOLD shipped **will put pics up later** **message mw with any questions