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  1. Jimbojim

    Why buy a custom cue over a national brand?

    I feel like getting a custom made to the very last spec is always gamble because you're never really guaranteed to have the hit that you want anyway. Or maybe I just haven't tried enough customs.
  2. Jimbojim

    Mezz Cue shipment

    I have ordered many times from Mezz USA and I never needed to sign and the whole process was always top notch.
  3. Jimbojim

    What would you do here?

    Don't be afraid of inside spin Sharivari!
  4. Jimbojim

    What would you do here?

    I think playing for C with the option of playing it in D if you get out of line is the better option, at least for me it presents the biggest landing zone. My first instinct would have been to do what Lawnboy777 said but I think it requires too perfect of a position to be sustainable.
  5. Jimbojim

    How low can deflection go and still be a useable shaft?

    Yeah I know but hitting softer reduces deflection.
  6. Jimbojim

    How low can deflection go and still be a useable shaft?

    People can also reduce the deflection on their shots by shooting softer and having a longer follow through and thus trusting their stroke. I know it's abstract bur trusting your shaft goes a long way.
  7. Jimbojim

    How much is the most you would pay to play in a Pool Tournment.

    Very good question. 200 I think for now.
  8. Jimbojim

    Fixing the game of 9 ball.

    I think 10 ball is the answer on how to fix 9 ball.
  9. Jimbojim

    Soft KI-Tech on Ignite

    Maybe it wasn't glued on properly and there is an air pocket...
  10. Jimbojim

    How small of a pool table is not a pool table anymore?

    3.5x7 is not okay with me. only 4.5x9 matters
  11. Jimbojim

    If you have more than one playing cue, do you alternate? or how do you choose.

    I have my main cue and I have a spare cue which is the same butt model and same shaft model. I have tested a lot of cues and if something happens to my main cue, I know I can rely on that spare cue to carry me.
  12. Jimbojim

    Tournaments while wearing masks

    I have adjusted and can play the same speed with a mask on.
  13. Jimbojim

    Billy Thorpe gone wild!

    What I'm about to say I say it with literally 0 offense but it's just matter for debate. Maybe they allowed it for a long time with Earl because of his career wins and his name was still bringing the company business...but Billy...excluding Mosconi Cup what has he accomplished that is deemed...
  14. Jimbojim

    What MM shaft do you prefer?

    between 12.2 and 12.5
  15. Jimbojim

    Best cue for beginner - middle of the road player

    The answer is always Mezz
  16. Jimbojim

    Would You Still Gamble With This Guy?

    You should play him again and hope he pulls stuff like that again so you can practice remaining odorless, colorless, flavorless and just play your game.
  17. Jimbojim

    What's in your case?

    Mezz GMC-35 case 1x Mezz Axi-R Butt 1x Mezz Axi-K Butt 3x Mezz Expro shafts 1x Mezz Power Break Kai Butt 1x Mezz Deep Impact II shaft 1x Pitbutt Jump shaft 1x Pitbutt jump handle 1x Mezz Pro Extension MX-CF210 3x Kamui Roku Chalk 2x Predator gloves 1x Kamui gator grip 2x Granola Bars Some elk...
  18. Jimbojim

    Video of me shooting around for 30 minutes.

    Few tips: 1. Have a little pause at the cueball before the final stroke 2. Slow down that back stroke 3. You can slow down the forward stroke and have a longer followthrough
  19. Jimbojim

    How to Increase Play/All Levels

    In my humble opinion handicap tournaments is one of humanity's worst blunder.