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  1. Joe Rogan

    Best poolroom in Austin?

    Hey, folks. I was wondering what the az forums believe the best poolroom in Austin, TX is? I've tried Warehouse billiards, and it was fine, but it doesn't seem like a place for serious players. Thanks in advance. Joe
  2. Joe Rogan

    Best pool hall in Detroit?

    I'm in Detroit on business, can anyone steer me towards the place to play in town? Thanks in advance
  3. Joe Rogan

    Video of me playing pool

    Because I keep getting asked if I really do play pool, I thought I would put up this video of me knocking some balls around with Justin from the action report at Hollywood Billiards. 4" pockets and I'm pretty far out of stroke, but occasionally I get out :) This is the only known video on the...
  4. Joe Rogan

    African Blackwood and Snakewood Southwest?

    A bunch of years back there was an electrician named "Johnny Good-Volt" at The House of Billiards in Sherman Oaks, and he was selling a southwest that had an african blackwood forearm with snakewood points. I've never seen one even remotely similar since. He wanted a lot of money for it at the...
  5. Joe Rogan

    Best pool hall in San Jose area?

    I'm doing stand up in the San Jose area and I was wondering where the best places to play are in this area? Thanks in advance.
  6. Joe Rogan

    Best pool hall in San Jose area?

    I'm doing stand up in San Jose, any good places to play in the area? Thanks in advance.
  7. Joe Rogan

    Red circle vs measles comparison

    I know that there are a lot of people that have strong opinions on their choice of cue ball, but up until today I never really put that much thought into it. I always just assumed for some reason that whatever difference in performance there was between the two most common cue balls was not...
  8. Joe Rogan

    Whatever happened to

    That was a great website with some awesome matches on it and very good commentary too. They had a ton of good stuff there. Anyone know what happened to it?
  9. Joe Rogan

    Ariel Carmeli

    Does anyone here have Ariel's number? I was in contact with him about him building me a cue, but I've lost his digits. Thanks in advance, Joe
  10. Joe Rogan

    Pool halls in Boulder, CO?

    I've been thinking about relocating to Boulder. Anyone know the good places to play up there? Thanks in advance.
  11. Joe Rogan

    The benefits of playing with a standard shaft?

    I know lot of people prefer standard shafts to low deflection ones, but I wanted to ask here on AZ to get some opinions from you folks as to why that's the case. Robb Saez tried a predator for 6 months but didn't like it, and I know some other really good players don't like them either. Corey...
  12. Joe Rogan

    Places to play in Denver?

    I'm in Denver doing stand up, and I wanted to find a place where me and my friend can play tonight. Can anyone recommend a good pool hall?
  13. Joe Rogan

    I had a fun time at the IPT

    I want to thank everyone for all the kind words on the forum, and in emails that I've received. Last night was a really fun time sitting in the booth for an hour or so. I had only done pool commentary once before, and that was way back in 1995 or 96 I believe. It was at one of CJ Willey's...
  14. Joe Rogan

    Anyone know where Robb Saez is?

    I was supposed to meet him out here in Cali, but his phone has been disconnected. If anyone gets a hold of him, please tell him to call me. Thanks in advance, Joe
  15. Joe Rogan out of business?

    The site is down, and the message there says the account is suspended. I hope it's temporary, I really like that site.
  16. Joe Rogan

    Has anyone seen Robb Saez lately?

    I know he went to the Philippines for the world championships, but he's been MIA ever since. I was supposed to meet with him in NJ last week, I had tickets for the UFC for him and a buddy of ours from CT, but no one can get a hold of Robb and his cell phone has been shut off. Any information...
  17. Joe Rogan

    The Kid Delicious book is off the hook

    Outstanding pool book. Right up there with playing off the rail, if not better. I got it in the mail a couple days ago and I haven't been able to put it down. I highly, highly recommend it!!
  18. Joe Rogan

    Pool on TV, claps for every shot?

    I was watching some pool on tv tonight, and after a while I just got annoyed by all the clapping for every single shot, especially for easy ones. I think sinking the 9 to end a game deserves applause, but there's something really distracting and silly about someone shooting a hanger and getting...