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  1. tksix

    2019 usa nationals

    Any dates our a location yet?
  2. tksix

    Macaroni cup on 7'ers next year...

    Joking of course........ I understand why our so called "pro" players enter these bar box tourneys. I also understand why we have bar box tourneys from a promoters financial stand point. But...............could that be our problem here in the USA. 7' pool is probably hurting these guys!! and...
  3. tksix

    Brunswick gold crown ii

    Selling my GC II. -2nd owner of table -repainted gloss white -all castings and trim are polished and anodized gold -sub-rails have been extended, pockets are tight but not crazy - includes light and centennial balls Live is suburbs of Chicago. $2,000 or best offer Mike
  4. tksix

    Strachan Stroud 6811 tournament 30oz

    Does any one know where I can purchase this cloth in the U.S.A.? My last purchase was in Canada however, I do not believe the company still exists. I may need both bed and rails, not sure if my old cloth will still be good?! Mike
  5. tksix

    Snooker table mechanic

    Live in Illinois............trying to find a mechanic to install my table. Mike
  6. tksix

    GC II & 6' X 12' Snooker table

    Live in Illinois. Looking to have both these tables installed. Any mechanics interested? Mike
  7. tksix

    Beloit Awesome and Sad at same time....

    Where do you even begin?! So many topics to discuss regarding the Pro Caliber event. The Carom Room and the Promoters of the event are first class all the way!! Love the place and appreciate what they are doing for our sport/game. Thank You very much for doing what you do!!!!! The streaming...
  8. tksix

    Justis 3 x 6 tube case

    Selling my 3 x 6 Justis tube case. Case is in good condition with a little wear and tear (see pics). Honestly not sure what to sell it for, so I will ask $500. Mike
  9. tksix

    Break lessons....

    Any instructors who can help with the break?! Looking for 8 ball breaking help on both 9' and bar box. Chicago burbs.... Let me know. Mike
  10. tksix

    Professional Pool......................

    So many posts about "pro" players quitting matches, leaving pool for Chinese whatever, not enough money, complaining, complaining, complaining........ Here is something that WE all should have figured out by now. There is NO money in pool PERIOD!!! Not in leagues, not in tournaments, not in the...
  11. tksix

    Pocket Billiards, Pay-Outs, and Unhappiness,,,,

    Just saw a Face Book post from one of the pro's that read: "I wanna pay an entry fee so that people can charge other people and make money off of me showcasing my talents.....oh, I already do that. Thanks. I'm a genius!!!!!!!!! Makes me laugh, especially reading all the posts asking the eternal...
  12. tksix

    Alton made someone cry.....

    Wanted to share a very special gift that Alton made come to life, for my girlfriend. The back story is very in depth and involved to explain here, but everything that was put into these caps has a very significant meaning to her. Alton helped bring her two greatest passions together which are...
  13. tksix

    Pool league rant kinda.....

    The more leagues I play, the more frustrating they become. Here is the scenario: team A is highly ranked in the league with high handicaps (rightfully so) team B is much lower with low handicaps. Team A has players on it, but league guys who play in a few tourneys a year. Team B is just league...
  14. tksix

    Centennial balls...

    Looking for 2 sets of new centennial balls. Any one have any for sale?! Mike
  15. tksix

    Pros playing on bar boxes.....

    I completely understand the difference between boxes and big tables. This is strictly my opinion. Watching Shane put an 8 pack on Earl on a bar box this thought came to mind. How many touchdowns would Brady throw in the Arena league?! Pros should play on 10' tables with tight pockets!! Why...
  16. tksix

    Russian billiard table

    Does anyone know if there any full size tables set up any where in the Chicago land area? Thanks...............
  17. tksix

    US Amateur Championships

    Just curious do you have to win a preliminary round to advance to the championships?! Or do they take a percentage of the top finishers of each preliminary round?! Thanks Mike
  18. tksix

    Pocket templates

    Does anyone have an official set in the U. S. ? I would like to borrow them if possible. Thanks, Mike
  19. tksix

    Artur Queue

    Does anyone have a picture of a rubber bumper for an Arthur cue? My cue is in need of one, and I think at some point someone switched the original out and added one with a bolt through the center. Thank you for the help. Mike
  20. tksix

    Arthur cue

    I am in need of a rubber bumper for an Arthur Cue? Anyone have any?