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  1. Chuckles

    Schon STL4

    Excellent condition Schon stl4 with leather wrap. Comes with 2 shafts- original schon shaft with kamui black tip and a new jacoby edge hybrid ultra pro with matching schon joint and tiger onyx tip. Butt weighs 15.3 oz, schon shaft is 13mm and 4.5oz, jacoby shaft is 12.8mm and 3.95oz. Withdrawn...
  2. Chuckles

    Madman tips

    Assortment of Madman tips (see pic). $42 shipped to cont USA.
  3. Chuckles

    Mueller Pro Hustler

    Like new Mueller pro hustler. Bocote into straight maple with 3/8 10 pin and Lepro tip. Sold....
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  5. Chuckles

    Diveney sneaky

  6. Chuckles

    Rick Howard Mace

    Used R Howard Mace j/b for sale. Weight is 18.8, shaft is right around 13mm. Bought this from another member a few years ago and its sat in the case. Best I can tell its still straight with an unchalked white diamond tip. There are a couple small chips in the buttcap and a finish imperfection on...
  7. Chuckles

    Runde 2013 Hoppe

    Looking for this 2013 Runde Hoppe.
  8. Chuckles

    Jacoby Hybrid Edge Shaft

    Excellent playing Hybrid Edge for sale, made for a radial pin. Black collar with double silver rings. I believe it's Jacoby's standard radial diameter at the joint, .845". The shaft has been well cared for- no dents or dings,almost no blueing. Current tip is a Tiger Emerald, but it's about time...
  9. Chuckles

    Lucasi JB

    Well used Lucasi jump/break for sale. There are a couple finish chips and dents as this cue has seen some play time, however the stroke area of the shaft is still smooth and slick. May not be pretty, but it's still straight and does a good job of busting the balls. Weighs 20 oz with a 13mm shaft...
  10. Chuckles

    Rick Howard Mace JB

    Mace jump break by Rick Howard. Used, but in great shape. Couple finish dings and a tiny chip in the ferrule, but nothing that should affect play. Weighs about 19 oz, 13 mm shaft with Superpro tip, with standard 5/16 18 pin at joint and quick release at jump joint. Comes with joint protectors...
  11. Chuckles

    Schon JB1

    Here's a steal for someone on a Schon JB1. The shaft on this cue has a taper roll of about a credit card. The butt has a tiny roll in the section with the wrap, not even a credit card worth, which might be caused by the wrap since it was changed to Blue Mtn premium. The shaft has never hit a...
  12. Chuckles

    Olney jump cue

    Excellent condition Olney jumper. Birdseye maple handle with tulipwood butt cap. 5/16 18 joint with black collars and silver rings. Shaft has a phenolic insert instead of brass. Phenolic ferrule with Samsara tip. Cue has SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Chuckles

    Olney / Schon Package

  14. Chuckles

    Mint Schon JB1

    new thread....
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    Schon J/B

  16. Chuckles

    Alex Brick j/b

    Like new Brick jump/break. Breaks great, jumps great. Everything is straight and smooth. White Diamond tip. sold...........
  17. Chuckles

    Viking, Giuseppe, Payers j/b

    Here's a nice starter set for sale. Selling these for a friend, he used them for APA, but quit playing. The Viking is their version of a sneaky. Comes with 2 shafts and a set of joint protectors. The shafts and butt look straight and aside from a couple small bumps on one shaft it's in great...
  18. Chuckles

    2013 Runde Hoppe

  19. Chuckles

    Pau Ferro Olney FS

    Mint pau ferro plain jane by Jeff Olney. Forearm and butt are pau ferro. 6 slot rings at the joint and butt, natural color phenolic collars. White/dbl black linen wrap. Wrist breaker 3/8 10 pin. Shaft is 12.85 mm and weighs 3.45 oz, milk dud tip with juma ferrule. Butt is 15.4 with a 3/4 oz...
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