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  1. corpse

    Southwest shaft

    I'm looking for a Southwest shaft, 30" if possible, but not a must.
  2. corpse

    WTB predator sneaky Pete with steel joint

    Looking for one of these used.
  3. corpse

    Help returning to my natural stroke.

    I got a tip when I started playing to copy good players. The problem is I've copied so many good players that I can no longer just play the game. I don't remember my own natural stroke. Sometimes I Pause like a snooker player or loosey goosey like Busty. This happens in the middle of...
  4. corpse


    Anyone know the type of glove Jayson Shaw and Dennis are using?
  5. corpse

    going from slower to faster cloth

    I have a friend setting up a gold crown 9ftr for me, but after paying for the table I can't afford simonis or a faster cloth. He has a slower cloth he will put on included in the price. My question is will practicing on a slower cloth be harmful when it comes time to play on faster tables.
  6. corpse

    missing shots in the same direction

    I have noticed I tend to over cut shots where I am cutting the object ball to the right and tend to hit left cuts thick. I am extremely right eye dominate as I was born with lazy eye in the left eye. I have I have done the stroke tests and seem to have no trouble with those. Is it just an...
  7. corpse

    Baker Cue for sale

    Joe Baker cue 3/8ths joint, ebony points and butt sleeve, one shaft, Kamui SS Black tip. I want to be clear the Butt sleeve has dings. It probably needs refinished at some point. Does not affect the way it plays. It rolls dead straight and the shaft is perfect. I would like to get $375.00...
  8. corpse

    Trogden cue wIth a cat 314 Predator shaft for sale

    I am looking to get $250.00 for this cue. Rolls straight, has a new Kamui SS black tip. I am sorry for the picture quality. I will get better ones after work today.
  9. corpse

    Head position

    I watched a video of me playing recently and noticed that the shaft runs outside my right cheek. My head is almost beside the shaft. I am very right eye dominant, due to being born with lazy eye in my left. I play ok, but inconsistent. My question is would moving my head help me become more...
  10. corpse

    Efren putting on a clinic playing one pocket on TAR

    Efren is playing unbelievable one pocket. Showing again why he is the magician
  11. corpse

    WTS OB Classic Shaft 3/8 10 30"

    I purchased this shaft at the end of august. I just can't adjust to the low deflection hit. Looking to get $125.00. As soon as I figure out how I will add a pic. Send me a pm
  12. corpse

    OB Classic shaft

    Just got my new shaft, can anyone tell me if they come with a lacquer finish on it? Don't want to sand on it if its gonna mess it up or affect the warranty.
  13. corpse

    joint diameter

    I am going to buy an OB classic shaft but the joint diameter on my cue is .842" and the ob shaft is .850". My question is how noticeable will this be? Also will it affect the way it plays? might be better off to get a new cue butt to match the shaft? thanks for your replies.
  14. corpse

    joint diameter

    duplicate post sorry
  15. corpse

    stroke question

    I Have been practicing the long straight in shot in Max Eberle's Zen Pool and have noticed I miss to the same side always. My question is how do i figure out if it is an aim issue or not hitting the center of the cueball? Thanks for any help
  16. corpse

    best way to make pockets tighter on golld crown

    I am buying a Gold Crown II was wondering if just shimming the pockets is the best way to go or if there is another method also if anyone has a video posted anywhere that would be awesome.
  17. corpse

    predator blanks

    Im looking to buy a blank predator 314 shaft or one with a 3/8 10 pin no insert thanks for an help
  18. corpse

    dcc entry question

    can anyone tell me if i need to preregister for the banks or can i do it fri morn the 22nd thx for the help