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  1. Dave38

    1/2"x13 tpi extension kit

    prather doesn't show any on their site, so going with Unique. The cue is threaded fully to the top, so any adaptor that has a shoulder would not work without modifying either the cue or the adaptor. Unique's has full thread, so no mod's needed. Dave
  2. Dave38

    Another Question...Is there any possible way to fix this discolorization in a shaft?

    denatured alcohol and a magic will be surprised. Dave
  3. Dave38

    Another Question...Is there any possible way to fix this discolorization in a shaft?

    I personally have never seen a cue rack where the plastic holder grabs that far up the shaft, nor leave a discoloration. Looks like a combo of accumulated dirt and maybe a sugar spot in the maple
  4. Dave38

    1/2"x13 tpi extension kit

    Correct me if I am incorrect, but both the predator and mezz are metric threads and the joss is 1/2x13? The customer doesn't want to modify the cue, for possibly selling it down the road. I found the item I was looking for. Thanks for all the pm's and responses here. Dave
  5. Dave38

    Moisture meter?

    to me, after using meters, and them only testing the surface as they do....I now weigh every piece and mark the date and weight....and set aside. About every few months, depending on the wood species, Weigh and, mark again. When the weight stays pretty much the same for 3-4 measurements( more...
  6. Dave38

    1/2"x13 tpi extension kit

    does anyone make an extension kit for the newer Joss cues? I know it's 1/2 x 13 tpi, but haven't been able to find a kit. The customer does NOT want the Joss extension as you have to remove the bumper each time. Thanks, Dave
  7. Dave38

    Hurbert irish linen

    One cue with a normal length wrap channel. Never have enough to do 2 cues unless the channel on both is about7-8 inches long.
  8. Dave38

    McDermott Defy vault plate cracked

    I recommend sending it back, this way you can sell at a later time as an original, complete shaft. I have only seen a ferrule failure on an Exceed shaft, no others as of yet
  9. Dave38

    Solarez question

    Phenolic is Solarez's kryptonite......even with their sealer for it.
  10. Dave38

    Solarez question

    have you done that test on phenolic pieces of the same length?
  11. Dave38

    Solarez question

    The lacquer is softer, according to the owner/chemist at Solarez. What Kim is posting about is their Polyester finish which is hard, and sands/buffs to a high shine.
  12. Dave38

    Joss cue, what's going on here

    That looks like one of two things...either you still have clear coat/sealer on the cue and it reacted with the acetone, or the points are of a plastic material and that reacted with the acetone. I am NOT a fan of wiping anything with acetone without knowing what I am applying it too, as acetone...
  13. Dave38

    Solarez question

    I talked to Gary when it first came out, and he felt it would be too soft of a finish for cues. That was a couple years ago, and so I didn't try it...but I am thinking of ordering a small amount to try
  14. Dave38

    Making a cue lighter

    It all depends on how the cue was built. If it was cored onto a maple dowel, then.....drilling/coring it out more will not do a lot. Is it a production cue or a custom? If a whom? Contacting the custom maker may shed some light on what can be done to lighten it. A production cue...
  15. Dave38


    Well, predator calls it a silencer pad, so......
  16. Dave38

    What tips are your most requested other than Kamui?

    Kamui is the big mover....but Ultra Skin Ivory soft is running neck and neck. I am trying the navagators black Soft/super soft and Kamakazi premium brown soft/super soft for those that do not like Kamui
  17. Dave38


    It is basically a red/brownish phenolic pad that is very thin. IMO, you could even use a fiber pad, as it is only used to quiet the 'ping' sound, which even with their 'secret sauce' pad...still makes an unpleasent sound.
  18. Dave38

    Small Lathe Mods

    Was asked to show more pictures of the mods I did to my Microlux so here they are. I don't do threading on this lathe so I wanted to have control of the power feed speed separate from the headstock speed. This works very well. I used a 1:1 pulley setup to try it (it was what I had on hand) May...
  19. Dave38

    Metal lathe for tips/Ferrule?

    Here is my setup, the rear support is slide-able, and I can do one piece cues with it if I take the collet out of the bearing. I also recently took the gear drive for the power feed out, and modified it to use a windshield wiper motor with a PWM control and a reversing switch so I can control...
  20. Dave38

    Carbon fiber ding in shaft

    CF shafts are pretty much ding proof, but are very easy to gouge or cut on a sharp edge, like bad piece of trim on a bar table etc.