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  1. atthecat

    Sold FS-Joss 1974 Block Letter Ebony Gunsight,Dominoes Inlays

    Selling over a life changing event. This stellar work has to go. An absolute gem. Ebony points with four (4) veneers (light green, natural, light green and purple) and Gunsights (Iv...y Dots with Green veneers). Buttsleeve has four (4) boxed windows with green veneers plus, a purple veneer...
  2. atthecat

    Tascarella Carolina freaks help cue ID

    Word on the street is this is a Tascarella Cue that was made with Carolina Custom. I don't know the history of this collaboration or even if there was one, but I do know the power of AZB. There is no signature or mark of any kind. It looks like the Tascarellas I've owned over the years and...
  3. atthecat


    This cue really plays!
  4. atthecat

    I should know this BUT...cue extention help please

    I'm 53 years old and my height is only going down! lol. How do the cue extensions work? I'm talking about the butt extensions without the cuff. Is it a custom job or do you take out the weight screw. I know...I'm in my cave. Thanks everyone.
  5. atthecat

    Swanee Stream?

    Any Swanee Stream this year?
  6. atthecat

    FS or TRD- Brunswick 26.5 Wedge Cue 1920's Excellent Cond

    New Price. Here is a 1920's Brunswick 26.5 Wedge Cue in amazing condition. Straight together and apart. I've attached links below to see how it rolls. The cue is all original except for the rubber bumper. I believe that the tip is even original. It's a player for sure. Feels really smooth...
  7. atthecat

    FS-Roger Petit Cue

    Here is a test hit classy Roger Petit Cue. Beautiful in person and plays fantastically. 19.5 ounces with a 12.75 mm shaft. It has a layered tip but not sure what it is. Dead straight. $SOLD
  8. atthecat

    1940s Brunswick Wedge Cue ID??? Any info good

    I just picked this up and was hoping for more info. The person I bought it from said it was made in the 40's and that Tony Conte owned it from Chicago. Does this look like that time period? Any one know Tom? It's straight and in pretty good shape. Actually plays REALLY nice. Thanks for the...
  9. atthecat

    Fs-- j&j ju,mp/break cue

    Here is a J&J Jump break cue. Its not the cheaper version. Its a beautiful Cocobolo. I believe its about 19.5 ounces. It has a super hard leather tip. Dead straight and shafts has no dings. A couple of hardly noticable marks on butt. $old shipped Trouble uploading pics. Text for photos...
  10. atthecat

    Wanted: Old Joss shaft 3/8-10 joint 1970s

    Looking for a straight old Joss shaft from the 70's in the 12.5 - 13mm range. Thanks
  11. atthecat

    FS- Klapp 40's Oak Titlist conversion

    Steve Klapp Oak Titlist conversion Oak Titlist, old school wrapless player. Its a whopper, 21.4 ounces Great figure in the Oak. Tapped for 3/8x16 bumper, can swap in a bolt if desired 140 year old growth maple, super tight growth rings with 12.65mm Moori Medium, shaft shows a slight bit of...
  12. atthecat

    Tascarella Rosewood Hoppe with 2 shafts and JPs

    Pete Tascarella cue in fantastic shape. Rosewood points into four veneers with birdseye maple forearm.* This is an old cue with hand-drawn signature, probably mid 80s.* Some time fairly recently Pete refinished adding 2 new shafts and a leather wrap.* The finish is flawless except for one tiny...
  13. atthecat

    Ki-Tech tips 3 pack and SIB soft

    Selling a brand new 3 pack on Ki-Tech tips plus 1 SIB soft. KI-Techs are Medium, Medium Soft and Soft. I did open one of the tips to look at it then put back in container. $45 new SELLING FOR $25 shipped.
  14. atthecat

    Anyone play with an Elk Master? Tip suggestions

    I've never played with an Elk Master. I like medium to slightly soft tips. Any thoughts? I don't want a layered tip. What should i go with?
  15. atthecat

    Tascarella Hoppe Rosewood

    I'm diggin this new cue!
  16. atthecat

    Artistic Engineering AE Black and White Ebony Cue w JPs

    Open to trades. I like older, less flashy cues. Hate to see this one go! I'm not a collector. AE Cue made with Black and White Ebony. In perfect condition. Has a leather wrap and comes with metal AE joint protectors. Outstanding feel. Not sure what tip is on the cue. It's 19.25 ounces and...
  17. atthecat

    Steve Klapp contact info

    Anyone know how to reach him? I need another shaft made. Thanks
  18. atthecat

    AE Black and White Ebony Cue

    I really love this company. The hit is fantastic and I'm looking forward to spending more time with it.
  19. atthecat

    FS- Starkey Brunswick Butterfly Conversion

    Excellent Starkey cue. It's a converted Brunswick Butterfly Cue. Probably from the 40's or 50's. In great shape. Straight. 19.5 ounces and 13mm tip. Not sure what the tip is. The joint is a tick smaller than the collars. It's super minor but you can feel that the joint is a hair smaller...
  20. atthecat

    FS- Steve Klapp Ebony Titlist Conversion

    This is a stunning Steve Klapp Ebony Titlist Conversion. Blank is most likely from the late 40s or 50s. Only 3% of Tilists were Ebony! Original blank was cracked and repaired many years ago. Dipped in glue and will out live us all. The hit is perfect and solid. Spanish bull wrap. 12.5mm...