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  1. Robert58

    DCC Banks Ring Game

    What happened in the Bank Ring Game? Skyler broke the balls. I went to make a drink. And when I came back Sky was putting on his coat. Did he bank out or did they split the pot?
  2. Robert58

    9-Ball Championship

    So with the name changes, what about the winners list. Which tournament will it continue on? Will SVB be able to beat Earl's record. Or do we start a new list?
  3. Robert58

    Justin Bergmans playing shaft

    I heard the last of the discussion about his Keel wood shaft. What is that?
  4. Robert58

    9-Ball Open

    How many times has the tournament been won from the Losers side? Who did it?
  5. Robert58

    Superior Cues

    I want to give a shout out to Martin Bick. I have a JD Cue made in 2011 that I bought used about eight months ago. The leather wrap was looking a little worst for ware. So I took it to my cue repairman to be replaced and when he pulled the wrap off we found that the channel was really deep. And...
  6. Robert58

    Tiger Ultra X LD Shaft

    Can someone tell me how it plays compared to an original OB Classic shaft? My OB Classic has been taken down to 12.5 MM. I don't like any smaller. So I don't want a Tiger Pro X.
  7. Robert58

    Midwest Bar Table Classic now strreaming for free.

    TV Mile is know streaming for free on Home channel.
  8. Robert58

    Joint Diameter

    I have a JD Cue that I bought used, with a 3/8 x 10 joint.. It has a .855 dia. joint. Is that about standard, or will I have to have a special shaft made, to used an after market shaft?
  9. Robert58

    Finish OB Classic Shaft Partial

    What is the going price to have a shaft finished with this ring work. Thanks, Robert
  10. Robert58

    World 9 Ball Finals

    Are now on You Tube.
  11. Robert58

    Palmer Third Catalog #17

    Listed on ebay today. Looks like it will be a nice one with a refinish and rewarp. Bid is now $600 with six days to go. NOT MINE. Robert
  12. Robert58

    Fury Extreme Shaft

    How does the deflection of the Fury Extreme Shaft compare to an OB Classic shaft? Thanks, Robert
  13. Robert58

    Cue Tip Otello

    Is the Otello Water Buffalo Pro cue tip any good? It is suppose to be a Medium tip. How does it compare to a Triangle? Thanks, Robert
  14. Robert58

    John "Duke" Dowell

    Does anyone remember him? I grew up with him in Pasadena, Texas. He used to play at the La Cue and the Cue and Cushion in Houston, Texas. I would like to know if he is still alive. If he is, where is he. Thanks Robert