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  1. AlisonF9ball

    New Video - 2015 Empire State Championships

    For anyone interested in checking it out, here is our new video out on NYC Grind, from the Predator Pro/Am Tour's Empire State Championships at Raxx in West Hempstead, NY. The event was streamed live by AZBtv & NYC Grind.
  2. AlisonF9ball

    New Video - Predator Tour at Steinway Billiards in NYC

    Thought I would share the latest video released on NYC Grind with our friends on AZ. :) Jerry T has put together this highlight video from the Predator's third stop of 2015, which was held on February 14-15. He has been hard at work to keep things fresh and exciting, and we would welcome any...
  3. AlisonF9ball

    Chance to WIN a Free Pass for Steinway Classic or World 14.1!!

    AZBtv & NYC Grind are co-producing two upcoming PPV live streams: The Steinway Classic (Aug. 2-3) and the World Tournament of 14.1 (Aug. 4-9), both taking place at Steinway Billiards in NYC. On the NYC Grind Facebook page, we are doing a special giveaway for two stream passes to either event...
  4. AlisonF9ball

    Efren at the Derby?

    Can anyone tell me whether Efren will be playing this year? Thanks! Alison
  5. AlisonF9ball

    3-Person Team Tourney: Dec. 17, Mickey's Billiards - Wausau WI

    On Saturday, December 17, Mickey's Billiards ( in Schofield, WI (near Wausau) will be holding a handicapped 3-Person 8-Ball Tournament. Check out the flier for more info...
  6. AlisonF9ball

    The RackStarz - A Letter

    As a member of The RackStarz, I would like to thank Jerry Forsyth & Mike Howerton for taking the time to interview RackStarz founders Gail Glazebrook & Larry Busacca on Runout Radio. Since there has been some recent press about our upcoming calendar launch party, some of you may be wondering...
  7. AlisonF9ball

    US Open Player Roast?

    I've heard that there is a 'player roast' scheduled for this evening during the US Open... sounds interesting! Does anyone know any details about this? Thanks! Alison
  8. AlisonF9ball

    *** FOR SALE: Brunswick Gold Crown IV ***

    This beautiful Gold Crown IV table is in excellent condition! It has only had one owner in a non-smoking home since it was purchased in 2000, and has been well-maintained... I enjoyed many hours playing on it! It features: - Simonis 860 cloth - 3-piece, 2-inch slate - Mahogany body - Ball...
  9. AlisonF9ball

    Photos & Coverage of the Maryland State 14.1

    For anyone interested, Charles Eames (aka ForumGhost516) did some great work with photos and coverage of the Maryland State 14.1 Championship last weekend for Here is the link to the story, and you will find links to the photo gallery pages close to the top...
  10. AlisonF9ball

    Mixed Scotch Doubles - April 17 at Mickey's Billiards - Wausau, WI

    On Saturday April 17, Mickey's Billiards in Schofield, WI (by Wausau) will be holding its first-ever Mixed Scotch Doubles 8-ball Tournament. The format for this event will be double elimination, race to 5 games, call pocket. The tournament will begin at 12:00 noon and teams must be registered...
  11. AlisonF9ball

    March Issue (Vol. V) of Pool Synergy is out on NYCgrind

    Hi everybody! It's that time again... Pool Synergy has just released its fifth edition, which is being hosted on The topic for March covers pool in relation to mainstream culture & public opinion. To read about the postings for this edition, please visit this link...
  12. AlisonF9ball

    Feb. 13 - Women's Partners 8-ball at Mickey's in Schofield, WI

    Mickey's Billiards in Schofield, WI (by Wausau) will be holding it's first-ever ladies partners tournament on Saturday, February 13. This will be a non-handicapped event, open to all skill levels, race to 5, winner breaks. Entry fee is $40 per team. We look forward to seeing you there...
  13. AlisonF9ball

    Dec. 19 Three Person 8-ball Tourney in Central Wisconsin

    On Saturday, December 19, Mickey's Billiards in Schofield, WI (Wausau area) will be holding a 3-person 8-ball Tournament. This tournament will use a "power rating" handicapping system, BCA 8-ball rules, and is open to all ages. Start time is 12 noon with a calcutta at 11:30 am. Entry fee is...
  14. AlisonF9ball

    Jan 17th: 9-Ball at Mickey's Billiards in Schofield, WI

    This Saturday, January 17, Mickey's Billiards in Schofield, Wisconsin (near Wausau) will be holding a no-handicap 9-ball tournament. Played on 7-foot Diamond Smart Tables. Race to 7, winner breaks. $60 entry, $1000 added with 64 players. Must register by 11:15 on the day of the tournament...
  15. AlisonF9ball

    contacting Diana Hoppe

    Can anyone tell me how to contact Diana Hoppe, preferably email? Thank you! AF
  16. AlisonF9ball

    Mickey's Billiards 9-ball this Saturday, WI

    Mickey's Billiards of Schofield (Wausau), Wisconsin is hosting a 9-ball tournament played on Diamond Smart tables this Saturday the 19th. $50 entry, race to 7, winner breaks. Calcutta at 11:30, tournament begins at noon. Here's there website: