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  1. SmoothStroke

    Ohio Pool Hall

    Will be in Springfield Ohio in the next week. Any Pool Halls in the area or not too far? Big tables,small pockets,decent cloth would be nice.....3 cushion table would be a bonus. Any info is much appreciated.....Thank You
  2. SmoothStroke

    Instructors please chime in.

    Just curious, how many instructors here teach and use the technique of Nocular/ Binocular vision / Stereoscopic Vision / Range Finder, for aiming and sighting. I am not asking for your secrets on how you teach it as I have my own style and methods. I would be interested in how well your...
  3. SmoothStroke

    Yalin Womens 10 Ball Streaming

    Any information if it will be streamed is appreciated. Thank you in advance
  4. SmoothStroke

    Pokerlife1978 Message Sent

    I sent you the info on pre-shot routine and rhythms you asked for. Your message says either you are not allowed or not receiving messages by choice. If you can't recieve messages I will give you a number to call
  5. SmoothStroke

    Congratulations Angelo Quadara

    On a fine showing at Valley Forge. I know Mom, Dad and Joseph are proud of you. You know I am. Someone once said hard work pays off. You're a fine young man, intelligent and respectuful as a young man can be. Don't forget to thank your parents. P.S. That's a great stroke you have there young...