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    older scruggs,verl horn and a drew cue fs

    i have these cues for sale 2,200. for all 3. the scruggs is an older stained birdseye with a leather wrap 2 shafts 12.5 mm tips the verl horn has 2 shafts with 13mm tips the drew cue has 3 shafts 2 never played with they all have 13mm tips the scruggs has some minor dings near the bottom the...
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    fs tim scruggs

    here is my scruggs cue when i purchased it i was told it was amboyna burl witha ginabcue leather wrap. the tips are close to 12.5 and i believe the weight is 19 oz. make me a reasonable offer.
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    joss cue (willie mosconi numbered cue)

    fs a numbered joss cue # 50 with a gold lettered joss shaft. i also have a 6 piece predator shaft that may go with the cue. make me a reasonable offer the butt end is like new.
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    richard harris fs

    i have a richard harris for sale. im not sure about the weight i think it is 19oz 1 shaft has very little use the other one i mainly use. make me a reasonable offer.