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  1. bruppert

    FS: 5 Kamui & 6 Moori Tips

    I have the following for sale: Kamui - 14mm M x 5 (Brown) Moori - 14mm M x 4 Moori - 14mm Q x 2 Please do not respond here. Just send a Priv. Msg. if interested. I am looking to sell them all together $135 Free Shipping to CONUS
  2. bruppert

    Cue Shop For Sale

    Cue Shop For Sale - SOLD Cueshop has been SOLD Everything you need to get up and running. I hate to sell this as it was fun to do but there are many other things I enjoy doing as well. I really enjoyed talking to all the people on AZ along with all the great people I've met over the years...
  3. bruppert

    FS: Tips, Ferrule, Pads.....

    I have the following Tips for sale. The Kamui's are Brown.. 5 - Kamui SS 5 - Kamui S 5 - Kamui M 5 - Kamui H 2 - American Raptor (1 S, 1 M) 2 - American Black Eagle ( 1 S, 1 M) 5 - Karomi M 5 - Isoplast Ferrules 12 = Fibre Pads SOLD
  4. bruppert

    Hightower Deluxe Pool Cue Lathe

    Selling one of my Hightower Deluxe Lathes and a bunch of accessories to go with it. It is in great condition. **SOLD** Pretty much everything you need to get up and running. If you pick it up, don't beat me up on the price or make the transaction annoying, I will include some other stuff...
  5. bruppert

    14 Pool & Billiards books collection

    Pool & Billiards books collection The Complete Book of Billiards by Mike Shamds Mizerak's Complete Book of Pool Byrne's Wonderful World of Pool and Billiards Advanced Pool by Fels Precision Pool by Kanov/Stauch Advanced Techniques in Pool and Billiards The 99 Critical Shots in Pool - Ray...
  6. bruppert

    Several Cues - Predator 3K5, Joss, Helmstetter, etc.

    Several cues for sale Unknown Maker - Red Leather wrap * I sold 4 or 5 cues last year and out of 9 or 10 people who tried all the sticks everyone loved this stick. But, instead of buying the one that played the nicest they bought the big name cues. The ones I sold were Lucasi (which I don't...
  7. bruppert

    Where to find this "Pennstate" motor and/or rebuild kit

    I have the following type motor and it just failed. It was running fine. Turned it on and nothing, no noise or warning. I removed it from the controller and plugged it up to a PC cable connected to a wall outlket and it still didn't run. Any troubleshooting advice is welcome...
  8. bruppert

    FS: Cue Bauilding and Repair Videos

    A couple sets of Cue Building and Repair Videos for sale Unique Products Cue Repair (6 Videos) - Cue Maker - Replacing Tips, Ferrules and Tenons - Doing Professional Linen Wraps - Making Sneaky Petes and Jump Break Cues - Shaft Reconditioning and Straightening - Replacing Joint Rings and Butt...
  9. bruppert

    BobCAD is on Sale - expires Tomorrow!!

    I got this in email and thought someone might be interested. BLOWOUT CAD/CAM SOFTWARE SALE CALL 1-877-262-2231 EXT 173 2 DAY BLOW OUT OFFER 1: New V25 Mill 3 Axis Standard ONLY $600.00 Normally $2495.00 Per SEAT 2 DAY BLOW OUT OFFER 2: New V25 3 Axis PRO ONLY $995.00 Normally $3945.00 Per...
  10. bruppert

    Reason #2147 why Safety Glasses are good

    I was flashing a Butt with Cyno. I put the cap of the bottle when I finished like I've done hundreds of times. This time however there must have been a drop that ran down the spout. When the cap snapped, that drop of Cyno splashed me right in the glasses and on my cheek. No glasses could have...
  11. bruppert

    Removing a cracked Collar & Butt Cap

    Quick question: I have 2 cues to repair. One with a cracked Collar and another with a crack in the plastic Butt Cap. How to you guys remove them? I was thinking of turning most of it off with a router. I am worried that if I use a lathe bit it will grab in the crack and rip off the entire thing...
  12. bruppert

    Removing a crack Collar & Butt Cap

    Quick question: I have 2 cues to repair. One with a cracked Collar and another with a crack in the plastic Butt Cap. How to you guys remove them? I was thinking of turning most of it off with a router. I am worried that if I use a lathe bit it will grab in the crack and rip off the entire thing...
  13. bruppert

    X-Mas suggestion for Hightower, Barringer, Bassel , Atlas, etc.

    Why don't you guys start selling Gift Certificates? I would LOVE to have them them for X-Mas instead of a new Ipod or clothes. Its difficult to explain to people what I'd want off your sites. Thoughts: - Make a minimum of say $25. - State you have to use the entire amount on GC's under $100 -...
  14. bruppert

    WTB: Leather Chalk Holders

    Does anyone know where to get these leather chalk holder wraps? I only want the leather part. Thanks for any help
  15. bruppert

    For all you CNC Enthusiasts.....

    This is not pool related so feel free to ignore or delete. Here is a link a Machinist buddy sent me awhile back to a video of a 5-Axis Matsuura CNC Mill machining an Engine Block COMPLETE without any operator intervention. I think this qualifies as badass. I'd say I want one but I'd totally...
  16. bruppert

    Cutting Coring Dowels

    Finally broke down and bought a gun drill so I can core some nice burl I picked up. Question: I have a bunch of 1" dowels (shaft dowels I don't like). How many passes and how much time should I take to cut them down to roughly .650? Would you take it to size in several passes on the same day or...
  17. bruppert

    Insert for stripped thread in Shaft

    I have to repair a shaft with a stripped thread. 3/8-10 ID of Ringwork .625 Depth minimum 1" Questions. Do you think making the OD on a phenolic insert .425 is big enough? That leaves at least .025 per side at the major thread diameter. I really don't want to make any bigger than needed. Thanks
  18. bruppert

    FS: Isoplast Ferrule Blanks

    Isoplast Ferrule blanks for sale. If you want to try your hand at building a Low Deflection shaft or just like to try out a different Ferrule for your cues, grab a couple while you can, I am not sure when/if I'll be getting more. Color: Slightly off-white... cream color. (slightly darker...
  19. bruppert

    Help: Porter Cable 7310

    I was wondering why my trimmer has been having problems holding dimensions. I use the router mounted horizontally (parallel to the bed) on the cross slide and cut with the bottom of the bit. I don't want to mount it vertically as I already have my dust collection working well. I just noticed...
  20. bruppert

    Merry Christmas!

    Just wanted to wish Happy Holidays to all my new friends and the friends I haven't met yet. Hope you all have a great Holiday!