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    WTT - GO Custom Shaft

    Looking to trade a 29" 13mm GO Customs SL 5/16-14 CF shaft with a hard Kamui clear tip in excellent condition for a Cuetec Cynergy 12.5mm or a Pechauer Rogue 12.4mm in same condition. Great shaft but I have gotten used to the 12.5 Cynergy and just can't get comfortable with the 13mm. Will take...
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    Playing the Ghost Question

    When playing the 7-ball ghost I assume most rack 9 balls and then remove balls after the break. Assuming none are made on the break, is there a generally established procedure for which balls to remove? If a ball is made on the break, do you still remove two balls or just one? Obviously to...
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    Break Cue Comparison

    Has anyone had the opportunity to try and compare the BK Rush and any break cue which has a Pechauer Black ICE shaft? The increased density of the ICE seems to make it a good candidate for an excellent break shaft. Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide.
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    Laminated Wood

    I'm looking for a source for laminated wood, like Dymondwood. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    WTB Cuetec or Pechauer CF shaft - radial pin

    I'm looking to acquire a Cuetec Cynergy or a Pehauer Rogue in 12.4mm for a radial pin. If interested I also have a 30" Tiger Ultra X LD for a partial trade. This shaft is dead straight and like brand new.
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    90/90 Aiming

    Whatever happened to the support for Ron V's 90/90 aiming system? It seemed to get a lot of coverage and then just seemed to fade away. I seem to remember that Spidey was a big proponent of it, but he is currently unavailable to comment. Thanks for whatever thoughts you care to share.
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    CTE Question

    I've been using Stan's CTE method on and off for a number of years and have been quite successful with it. This concerns something I have observed about my perceptions and am wondering if other recognize this about themselves. If I set up two mirror image object balls, each along the foot spot...
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    LE Predator and 12.4 Revo

    Predator LMR NW with 12.4 Revo and radial pin, 12 of 300. This is the wrapless leopard wood and rosewood. Weighs approx. 19 ozs. Butt is essentially new (a few test hits). Shaft has a couple of hours play but is like new. I used the shaft on a different radial pin butt. This comes with...
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    Carbon Fiber Shaft Cleaning Question

    I recently started playing with a Revo. I have cleaned it a couple of times with a water dampened cloth and the cloth came up with bluing on it, like a wooden shaft. When I used alcohol on a cloth, the cloth came up black. It appears the alcohol is removing some of the coating from the shaft...
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    9 ball Spot Equivalents

    I've been playing this guy 9-ball for several months and giving him the 6 ball and the breaks in races to 5. After some discussion we decided we should both play to the 9 ball and that we need to find an equivalent game based on games on the wire only. Do any of you have experience with this...
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    Rules Question - Gambling Scenario

    Playing 9-ball, cue ball fouls only, and giving the 6 and the breaks. I get a bad leave on the 6 and push the 8 up so that it blocks any shot at the 6 ball other than a return safety. The 6 is about 1 and a half diamonds below the side pocket, about 1/2" off the cushion and the 8 is just above...
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    Revo Shaft Weight

    Does anyone know the weight of the Revo shafts? I have checked the For Sale threads, Seybert's and the Predator site and none of them mention the weight of the shafts. I would suspect the radial shafts might be a bit lighter due to the insert in the Uni-lock shafts. Thanks in advance for any...
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    Effect of Draw on Cut Shots

    I seem to remember a Dr. Dave article on the effect of using draw while shooting a cut shot. However, I cannot seem to locate it. I've spent a lot of time on his web site as well as searching this forum with no luck. Can anyone help me locate this information? Thanks in advance for any...
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    Pac-West - Who won?

    Who wound up winning the Pac-West Invitational. I know it was between Shane and Ramil. Both were playing great the last I saw. Thanks.
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    Rules Question - Last Pocket 8-ball

    Both last balls are inside the jaws of the same corner pocket with player A's ball slightly forward of B's ball. Player A shoots and makes a good hit on his ball. Player B's ball falls into the pocket, followed by player A's ball. We play if both players last balls are pocketed in the same...
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    Mezz LE2000 Value

    I have an opportunity to buy a new Mezz LE2000, but am unable to locate a price. Can anyone help with a price or a reference in a catalog from a re-seller/distributor? Thanks for any information you can provide. Al
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    Automotive Seat Covers

    I have been unsuccessful in locating a source for billiard themed automotive seat covers. Does anyone know if they exist and where I might purchase some? Thanks in advance for any information.:smile:
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    Eight Ball Handicapping

    The owner of a local room, who doesn't post here, is starting a handicapped eight ball singles league. We are exploring various methods of handicapping other than the usual race to a certain number of games and spotting of games on the wire. One suggestion was to have the stronger player spot...
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    Tax On Tournament Winnings

    Hopefully someone will know the definitive answer to this. I play in a decent sized league (over 150 teams) divided into two areas. There are 3 sessions per year and a tournament at the end of each session for each area for those teams who qualify from their division. The prize is $2,500 for...