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    If you are playing 8 ball and you crop dust your opponent...

    Do you warn him? Call a foul on yourself? What if Earl Strickland does it? Or maybe Hippie Jimmy? Does that make it okay? What if you accidentally shart yourself during the dusting? Do you keep shooting? If you missed do you excuse yourself? Does your opponent have to wait on you to...
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    New Years Eve Tourny?

    Any tournys within driving distance of OKC on new years eve or new years day? Within 200 or 300 miles?
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    Jan. 21,22,23 Remington Park Native American 8 Ball Tournament

    I'm posting this for a friend so I don't have answers to all of the questions so contact Joe Rodriquez @ 405-882-8226 for further questions. Remington Park Native 8 Ball Tournament $2000 added by the Chickasaw Tribe January 21,22, 23. Men's Singles--------$25.00 entry fee(race to 4) Sign up...
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    Why trash the game?

    There are a ton of threads on here griping and whining about the way we play this game or that game or why the break is bad. Why torment yourself over it further. Just don't play the game if you don't like it. Personally I like most games and try to learn them to where I can play all well...
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    Best set of balls for a home table?

    I've got an older set of Brunswick Centennials that I'm about to retire. What should I replace them with? Another set of Brunswick Centennials or Aramith Super Pro or Tournaments? Or any others that I don't know about of similar quality.
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    Dale Perry Cues

    I'm sorry if I sound like a newbie, but I'm from the midwest. I see a ton of Dale Perry cues online going for next to nothing. They look to be a pretty decent cue. What am I missing? Is he a production guy or an importer or what? He makes pretty cues but I'm leary of buying one because they...