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    Atlanta U.S. Amatuer qualifier

    Well this should be an endurance contest. I found out yesterday that there are 194 entries registered for this weekend and see no way this can end on schedule Sunday night with out running 24/7.
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    Review of my new Jacoby cue

    First i should say my new cue was custom order which was not created with their cue design app on their website do to my specs not being something that could be specified. It is a five point five window with no veniers, i am a fan of simplicity. It has rosewood butt and forearm with amboynia...
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    want to trade custom tooled leather case

    i would like to trade a custom tooled leather case of your choice and or oreginal design for a jacoby extended jump cue and whatever. So if someone needs or wants to get a custom leather case for a great deal without spending a bunch of money contact me i can send pictures of some of my recent...
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    I am interested in getting a butt only made with a schon type pin

    This may sound weird but i am interested in getting a butt made that will fit my current shaft i play with a schon with one of the predator 314 originals and a kamui ss black but i want alighter cue than i can find in a schon. I know the shfts are heavy as they are laminated but i am looking for...