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  1. fssgolf

    WTB McDermott C-1

    Looking for a McDermott C-1 sneaky in original condition and original shaft
  2. fssgolf

    Predator Revo 12.4 Shaft unilock

    Looking to trade my 12.4 shaft for the 12.9 Unilock
  3. fssgolf

    Monster Kikel FS or Trade

    This one is based on a traditional "palindrome" design, with 8 points going up and down from the wrap. It's a neat design, and has a lot of work in it. Dave outdid himself in design image for this cue. Not only did he start with a lot of points, but then he recut ebony points INTO the long...
  4. fssgolf

    Predator 414-2 Shafts for Sale

    The tip is a Predator P2 medium.
  5. fssgolf

    FS Kikel Palindrome Cue

    For sale is a Dave kikel palindrome style cue with a Spanish bull leather wrap. The Cue has several Ivory inlays.This cue is fitted with a piloted ivory joint with a 5/16X14 pin with two 13mm shafts, ivory ferrules 2800.00
  6. fssgolf

    Predator 414-2 Shafts for Sale

    Predator 314-2 Shafts for Sale I have three Predator 314-2 shafts for sale 1. 314-2 Schon /silver ring in good condition Sold 2. New 314-2 5/16 14 blk color flat faced test hit only 210.00 3. 314-2 3/8 10 silver ring in excellent condition SOLD
  7. fssgolf

    FS Monster Kikel, Olney, Predator Shafts

    First up is a Kikel Palindrome style cue with 2 shafts and Spanish Bull wrap. The main wood is Ceylon Satinwood, it has the look of a varnished finish. Lots of Ivory including the joint. Priced at 2850.00 Cue weight is 19.3 oz Second up is a Olney 6 point Ebony and Coco cue with two shafts and...
  8. fssgolf

    Wtt-wts Predator 314-2

    FS- Predator 314-2 shaft Looking to Sell a Predator 314-2shaft 3/8 x10 blk collar with silver ring. The shaft was only used for a short period of time and is in excellent condition 180.00
  9. fssgolf

    A few cues FS

    A McWoorter crown cue 2 Olney cues and a Carter cue FS I have 2 Jeff Olney cues 1. Cocobollo/kingwood BEM 18.9 oz. 1-13mm shaft Sold 2. Cocobollo/Ebony 19.10 oz. 2-13mm shafts boar wrap 925.00 ATTACH]250244 I have 1 Chad Carter cue lots of Ivory 2 shafts SOLD pending payment!! I have 1 Jerry...
  10. fssgolf

    F/S 6 point Olney cue

    Here is a great player at a great price. A Jeff Olney 6 point cue weight is 18.9 oz comes with one shaft. $575.00
  11. fssgolf

    F/S Willard Tip Machine

    I have a gently used Willard tip machine complete with 4 chucks, DVD, and a extra package of cutter blades. email me for pictures. $400.00 shipped
  12. fssgolf

    Chad Carter Cue FS

    Fancy 6 Point Chad Carter Cue FS I have a new Chad Carter 6 Point Ebony and Bacote cue I recently got at our State Open. Below are the specs. Weight: 18.98 oz # of Shafts: 2- 12.5/12.75 mm Production Date: May 2010 Wrap Material: Black Linen Joint Type: Ivory Tip Type: Emerald Condition...
  13. fssgolf

    7' Diamond coin-op Table FS

    I have a 7' Diamond table and matching light FS. The table was just recovered by Diamond this fall. It is in excellent condition. 4000.00
  14. fssgolf

    FS Diamond Smart Table with Light

    I have a Diamond smart table with the light for sale. It is located in Northeast Indiana. I had it recovered by Diamond less than a year ago. Price is 3550.00
  15. fssgolf

    wtb a new Break cue

    I am looking to get a new break cue. What's out there fs thanks
  16. fssgolf

    3x5 Leather Instroke case FS

    FS is a mint two tone Instroke case for sale. The case was used only for storage. Item Sold
  17. fssgolf

    6 point Jeff Olney FS

    Just back from Olney. A beautiful six point Cocobollo and Kingwood and BEM cue. The butt weight is 15.625 oz. and the shaft is 13.0 mm and weighs 3.65 oz. Cue is signed 07 A great player from a great cuemaker!
  18. fssgolf

    Instroke Leathe cases for sale

    Instroke Leather cases for sale I have a Burgundy Leather Cowboy series 2x4 case 160.00 new. And a Two Tone Blk/Brn 3x5 Leather Cowboy series 215.00 used for storage only. Includes shipping
  19. fssgolf

    Jump like a pro

    LiL' Bridge - Yesterday, 10:32 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ladies, or guys, If you want to learn how to jump or you are experienced in knowing the basic fundamentals of jumping, but need some help in fine tuning your game, this little...
  20. fssgolf

    FS Predator 314-2 shaft

    I have a 6 month old 314-2 shaft with a 5/16x14 joint. I no longer have the cue that fit this shaft. It has a sniper tip. SOLD