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  1. pmata814

    I can’t see fraction hits (1/2ball, 1/4 ball etc.) how’d ya’ll go about training your

    I aim by contact point. I just can’t see “fraction ball hits”. But i’m reading ‘The Beard’s’ book on banks and he teaches everything with fractions. How did you go about training your eyes to see them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. pmata814

    Warning label on a players cue I just purchased. "MAY CAUSE CANCER.."???

    I purchased a players cue and the shaft had a warning label that said: (paraphrasing) " This product contains chemicals that in the state in california have found to cause cancer and birth defects." Does anyone know anything about this? Would these chemicals cause this by skin contact...
  3. pmata814

    Anyone used the extreme cue extension?

    has anyone used the extreme telescopic cue extension? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Any risk of scratching the butt of your cue? I've considered buying a cheap 'Players' cue so I can buy the...
  4. pmata814

    Ok, do pros play on equipment that allows for easier draw?

    ...because i was just watching a 2017 US Open match (8 ball) on utube where Van Boening hit a behind the back power draw the entire length of the table! I know these guys have great strokes and all but that seems pretty extreme to me. He looked very uncomfortable and still drew from the corner...
  5. pmata814

    Is Championship cloth faster than simonis 860?

    I've been considering replacing my home table's cloth (i was told it was championship) with simonis 860. Not that my cloth is old, it has plenty of life left, i've just heard that simonis is the best. I was told that a nearby poolhall had simonis 860 on their tables so i went to try it, but i...
  6. pmata814

    How do I use my j/b cue?

    I know this is gonna sound dumb but here it goes... I just got my first j/b cue today (j&j) and I'm not sure how to use it as a jump cue. Do I just remove the butt of the cue and shoot like that? Or am I supposed to remove the middle section and attach the shaft to the butt despite it being...
  7. pmata814

    Is this a sign of my poor break or poor racking skills...

    or both? I've been practicing my 8ball break lately (I'm a beginner) working on controlling the CB and I've been getting a nice spread and pocketing a ball about 50% of the time. The thing is I've been using the magic rack. I decided to go to the regular triangle because I plan to start going...
  8. pmata814

    Ying yang tshirt ???

    Anyone know where I can find the ying yang pool tshirt? It has 8ball and 9ball as ying yang symbols. I remember seeing it somewhere but now I can't find it. Thx in advance. Sent from my BlackBerry 9780 using Tapatalk
  9. pmata814

    2 questions about pool halls

    1. When people go to pool halls (assuming you go by yourself) is there a chance of finding a game just for fun? Or is pretty much everyone there looking to gamble? I'm a beginner so I have no interest in gambling but would really like to start playing against actual opponents. Which leads to my...
  10. pmata814

    How ling will b4 I have to replace my cloth?

    How long should I expect my cloth to last? Its mali 21oz on an 8 ft vitalie. I practice every day 1-2hrs/day. And I really do mean practice. So setting up shots to repeat with stickies does leave burn marks on my cloth and even though quick clean helps erase them, when you look closely you can...
  11. pmata814

    Whayt does it mean to 'cinch' the ball?

    ...Or however its spelled :) I keep hearing it on videos (instructional and matches) but don't know what it is. Thx in advance! Sent from my BlackBerry 9780 using Tapatalk
  12. pmata814

    Art decor

    Anyone know a good site that sells nice and affordable billiards artwork or photos? Seyberts is very limited (only dogs playing pool and hustler decor). I really would like to get some nice frames in my billiard room. Thx in advance! Also, if someone knows where they sell pictures of pool...
  13. pmata814

    Anyone complete the 60 min wrkout in 60 mins?

    I'm a beginner so I don't even attempt it. I focus on 2 shots at a time spending about 30 mins on them. But I do order to actually complete the workout in 60 minutes you'd have to only take 1 or 2 attempts max at each shot. There's 27 shots in the workout, if u take 30 seconds on...
  14. pmata814

    Isn't 10ball a call shot game?

    I was watching the 2010 fatboy challenge finals and Reyes missed the 10 ball into the top corner pocket. The ball hits the 2 rails and comes back to fall into the opposite corner pocket and he still won the rack. Why? Sent from my BlackBerry 9780 using Tapatalk
  15. pmata814

    ?? About Scene from "the color of money"

    After Forrest Whitaker hustles Paul Newman he says "do you think I need to lose some weight?" I never understood what that scene was trying to say. Only now that I've been reading AZ, I notice the term 'weight' being used quite often. like 'giving up weight in a match' or something to that...
  16. pmata814

    Anyone else get a glitchy Jerry Briesath dvd?

    I've only seen the first dvd and towards the end of the dvd,in the 'hangers' chapter there is a blackout and from there to the end the video 'glitches'. I don't know how else to describe it. Sort of like when your satellite wants to lose signal and the video freezes. When I play it on my PS3 the...
  17. pmata814

    Cue stick slides out of my hand...

    Is this ok? I was experimenting with my shooting template today (shooting a progressive stop shot drill) and noticed that as the shot got farther away my follow through got longer. I hadn't noticed but it turns out that I'm holding my cue so loose that when I start adding speed to my stroke the...
  18. pmata814

    cost to recover a table?

    How much should I expect to pay if I decide to recover my pool table with Simonis 860. I know the cloth is going to run me about $250 but what do mechanics usually charge for labor? Thanks in advance. P.S. Its an 8ft'r
  19. pmata814

    Question about Kinister's shot# 1

    Does anyone know why Kinsiter makes such a big deal about the CB taking the place of the OB on his Shot #1 of the 60 minute workout? Basically it's the CB and the OB 4 diamonds apart straight in to the corner pocket. He really emphasizes that it is critical that the CB take the place of the...
  20. pmata814

    break shot question

    When I set up the side break shot to open the rack (i'm right handed). After breaking the stack the cue ball runs all the way down to the foot rail leaving me with a very long first shot. I tried putting a little bit of follow and I scratch in the corner pocket. What am I doing wrong? How...