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  1. Exile

    Looking for Green DYED wood

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some of the dyed green birds eye maple (or other wood if not). I need a length of at least 12". Any help would be appreciated. Shipping to the UK. Thanks in advance, Exile.
  2. Exile

    My latest work

    A few of my latest pokers, finished and WIP. I hope you guys like like them. As you can see, Olivewood is going down well with the punters lately.
  3. Exile

    interesting and well put together video

    I know i'm not actually "asking the cuemaker" here but i thought a few of my fellow craftsmen might appreciate this...
  4. Exile

    My latest work

    Hi everyone, Not been on here in a while so I thought I'd share my latest snooker cue with you all.
  5. Exile

    Tail stock offsetting

    I'm a new cue maker too. Been at it for about 18months. I've had to ask people for advice. This is the key, ADVICE, not how to's. I hate been told how to do something. There's no point in doing anything if your not willing to make mistakes. I have a bunch of expensive back scratchers in the...
  6. Exile

    cue maker?

    10 points :-)
  7. Exile

    cue maker?

    I buy wood. I make cues. Simples. The only things I don't create from raw materials are the tip, joint (if it has one, some snooker cues don't) and the badge which I get laser engraved because I don't own a laser engraver or any cnc machines for that matter. I used to turn the joints from raw...
  8. Exile

    My first 2

    Badges are in :-)
  9. Exile

    Ebony value

    Picked up this little beauty. 70 year old African ebony. Jet black. What do you think it's worth? I'm not selling but I'm just curious
  10. Exile

    My first 2

    Badges have arrived and are ready to go in. it took 3 weeks to get them here but it's been worth the wait. I'm really happy how they turned out and people seem to like the black and gold one best.
  11. Exile

    A hand made cue...

    Was that little old me? :-)
  12. Exile

    My first 2

    Here's the other one just waiting for the name badge then it's done.
  13. Exile

    My first 2

    Happy and proud that I can officially call myself a cue maker at last. First cue sold to a very happy customer. Onwards and upwards :-)
  14. Exile

    My first 2

    Still needs some finishing off but I had a few frames with it tonight and it plays lovely. I think the owner should be pleased with it.
  15. Exile

    My first 2

    Hi guys, Not posted in a while. Been busy getting married, buying houses and becoming a father. I've been repairing for a while but have decided to start making cues from scratch. Here are my first 2 in progress. Both will become English pool cues and have been ordered by good friends. Thanks
  16. Exile

    Reccomended glue for brass/steel joints.

    Hi All, I'm looking to do my first joint work and split a one piece cue. I've done the split and got the joints installed (dry fit) and everything lines up nicely. I know i can't use a brittle epoxy but i'm not sure what to use. Can anyone reccomend something that will flex, take impact and...
  17. Exile

    Help cleaning dark dust out of light wood?

    Hi guys, I looking for some sage wisdom. I'm starting to learn how to splice cues and have run up againgst a problem. My splices came out quite nice (realative to it being my first attempt:rolleyes:) but when i go to sand it smooth i find that the dust from the darker wood is getting into the...
  18. Exile

    ***Attention Mike Wooldridge owners***

    In the sale section... 2 beautiful mini butts for sale on a AZB'er special.
  19. Exile

    *SALE* Mini Butt for Snooker or UK pool cue. Fits Mike Wooldridge cues

    Hi Guys, For sale... I have 2 Mini butt extensions for a Mike Wooldridge Snooker or UK Pool cue on ebay at the moment. If anyone is interested i'll give FREE STANDARD INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING to any AZBilliards member. Just mention my screen name "Exile" if you win the auction or buy it now...
  20. Exile

    bandsaw blade question

    Hi Guys, I need a little help. I recently bought a bandsaw to further the cue building quest. Its just a little one but it seems to be up to the task... ish :confused: It came with a 1/4in thick blade which gives a beautiful straight cut along the wood in one direction but goes off at all...