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    What type of audience is best for tv pool?

    A lot of the Euro sport fan mentality, especially the Brits, is imo a trickle-down effect from soccer. Those folks are nuts. China on the other hand is reserved in just about everything they do. They have come with some razzle-dazzle the last few years: The light/sound display after the 9b is...
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    What MM shaft do you prefer?

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    Cue extension

    Rick Roper on FB makes really nice carbon-fiber extensions. Great guy to deal with too.
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    What Shafts Draw better ???

    Mezz Ignite. And a fairly decent stroke. ;)
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    What type of audience is best for tv pool?

    Well said.
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    Small Town Pool

    They're disappearing fast. As people die off there is no next group like back then.
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    What Shafts Draw better ???

    There's a guy that comes in my local room that is the poster-boy for this stuff. He's got a real nice later JossWest butt, $400 carbon shaft, $35 glove, uses $25 chalk and still can't make four balls if his life was on the line. Guy has no clue. Horrible stance and a stroke as crooked as a D.C...
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    Gold Crown Identification This spec sheet covers 1-4 GC's. One thing about them is that B'wick tended to use whatever was laying around so some later 1's had 2 stuff on them and vice versa. Some early 3's still used...
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    I fell for the Carbon Fiber Hype

    The REVO 12.9 is the lowest deflecting shaft that i have personally used. ONLY thing i didn't like was the sound.
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    Site slow issues...........

    That's some of the stuff i've run into. Good to know i'm not crazy. Well, somewhat anyway.
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    Bill Schick 1of1 UNCHALKED

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    What Shafts Draw better ???

    The Meucci does have lower defl. than a Schon. Its possible that less defl. could result in a little more spin. I've owned Schon's and Meucci's and couldn't see any more draw myself.
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    Brand New Ariel Carmeli 8 Point

    WOW. That is one awesome wand right there.
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    What Shafts Draw better ???

    My first good cue was a Meucci Original Buddy Hall-series BH-1. My next cue was a Dan Janes Joss with steel-joint and ivory ferrules. MUCH stiffer cue than the Moochie. I could draw the hell out of it with either cue. I've owned all kinds since then and never felt one drew better than another.
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    UltraSkin Fire hard tip............

    Had one laying around so i put it on my Mezz 700 shaft. Really good playing tip. I'd put it between an Ultraskin Black med. and hard. Worth a try at the price for sure.
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    Site slow issues...........

    Thanks guys. The net is slow with everyone on-line 24/7.(y)
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    What Shafts Draw better ???

    Draw is achieved by TWO things: tip off-set and a quality strike. In another thread someone said shaft flex affects draw. Wrong. Any flexing that occurs does so well AFTER the ball is long gone. Tip-to-cueball contact time lasts about 1-2 milliseconds. A human eye-blink takes about 200 milliseconds.
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    Site slow issues...........

    I'm in Okla. Only this site has issues. Hard logging on and really slow at times.
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    Who is Melissa Morris ?

    Think she quit playing and has a jewelry/craft business in Calif. somewhere.
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    Gold Crown Identification

    Bronze trim. No skirts. Pretty sure that's a 3.