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  1. Konrad

    Pool Table as Wrapping Table? New Cloth

    +1 simonis. Merry Christmas!
  2. Konrad

    Aramith marble balls

    My girlfriend bought them. We play together about 3-4 times a week now. I wouldn’t have purchased them myself.
  3. Konrad

    Common mistakes a lot of average players make.

    the death grip comes in handy sometimes. If you are having an off day with a few miscues the death grip can prevent them. At least that’s what I’ve found in my stroke. I have a tendency to swing my cue a bit on bottom left or right when off a little and a firm grip kind of prevents that from...
  4. Konrad

    Aramith marble balls

    Tried these out today as a little change of pace. They’re nice. Felt a bit heavier than my Super Aramith Pro set. Played the same. A few of the colors are confusing at first. Once you play them for a while it’s fine. The cue ball that came with the set had no dot. I can’t give any feedback on...
  5. Konrad

    My take on the 3 rail shot and why, in my opinion, it's one of the most important shots in pool...

    I’m confused!👍👍👍😱😱😳😳😳
  6. Konrad

    Public figures and professional pool

    How can no public figures be in any of the US’s bigger pool tournaments ever? I mean you can’t tell me there aren’t any movie stars, or sports figures, or government figures that are not able to hold their own with at least a “semi pro” player. They have to be out there. I know for a fact a...
  7. Konrad

    rail work and UPS

    I work for UPS and would ship them now. It’s busier but they have us on 7 days and surprisingly the shifts are a bit slower than normal season because of that this year. Plus it will ship faster now. There are not a lot of lost packages at UPS. The biggest issue is damaged packages with flimsy...
  8. Konrad

    One Pocket is so slow....

    1p so slow I thought SVB was playing Mosconi.
  9. Konrad

    Konrad’s journey through suckage!

    Hey I’m posting a write up too. Chapter 1. So it took almost 6 mos and a whole lot of effort. Stroke after stroke. Day after day. Frustration upon frustration. I thought I was shooting “ok” when I started back. This is after 15 yrs off mind you. Turns out I wasn’t. My whole entire stance...
  10. Konrad

    Opinions - Based on my layout, should I add a snooker table?

    That beam is a killer. I’m no architect but have put my own lvls in and dealt with a few architects. Tried to move the pole in my basement and the price was ridiculous!
  11. Konrad

    think I need deflection

    you must have small hands.
  12. Konrad

    think I need deflection

    You’ll never see me with an LD shaft on one of my cues. Or looking ladylike with a glove on.
  13. Konrad

    New idea for milk dud. Leather conditioner.

    What happened Gravey? Did it work?
  14. Konrad

    New idea for milk dud. Leather conditioner.

    Can’t hurt to try. Please put me down for one vote that the tip is going to fall apart by rack 4.
  15. Konrad

    I played 23 games of pool.

    Nah-late bloomer.
  16. Konrad

    Question about Chicago, Illinois

    Yah depending where you are at. Like every big city. There are good blocks and bad ones. Plus there were a bunch of interstate shootings earlier this year. If that’s not a huge deterrent from going downtown what is? It sucks going to downtown even in the middle of the day.
  17. Konrad

    Are professionals supposed to call fouls on themselves?

    The last time I called a foul on myself was in a tournament. I was pinned behind a ball close to the rail and ended up double hitting the cb. The guy I was playing looked at me like I was nuts calling the foul on myself.🤷‍♂️😱 I’ll always call a foul. My opinion on the professionals is when...
  18. Konrad

    New league members

    I’m assuming it’s fargorate. The owner has always been pretty serious about pool. there are players coming in from other halls for the tournaments too. It not just an in league thing. 32 spots. Every time I’ve been there it’s been close to a full field. That would be hard to fill with only in...
  19. Konrad

    New league members

    That’s a decent system. Good to know. The link Garczar posted is good 2. That link is a bit confusing in the sense that a former open player starts at 500 or 525. My understanding of open players says they should be higher. Like advanced and open should be flip flopped. Or something like that.
  20. Konrad

    New league members

    I don’t know the exact calculations to go up or down for fargorates. It’s a bit more complicated than bowling. Ive read on them a few times. Something about being based on your last 10-20 matches. And calculated off your opponents’ skill, and innings per game, and wins/losses.