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  1. Konrad

    Aramith marble balls

    Tried these out today as a little change of pace. They’re nice. Felt a bit heavier than my Super Aramith Pro set. Played the same. A few of the colors are confusing at first. Once you play them for a while it’s fine. The cue ball that came with the set had no dot. I can’t give any feedback on...
  2. Konrad

    Public figures and professional pool

    How can no public figures be in any of the US’s bigger pool tournaments ever? I mean you can’t tell me there aren’t any movie stars, or sports figures, or government figures that are not able to hold their own with at least a “semi pro” player. They have to be out there. I know for a fact a...
  3. Konrad

    Konrad’s journey through suckage!

    Hey I’m posting a write up too. Chapter 1. So it took almost 6 mos and a whole lot of effort. Stroke after stroke. Day after day. Frustration upon frustration. I thought I was shooting “ok” when I started back. This is after 15 yrs off mind you. Turns out I wasn’t. My whole entire stance...
  4. Konrad

    New league members

    Quick question on leagues. I’m building a team with all undocumented players. I know around what their Fargorates should be. How does that work with most leagues. I’ll be the captain. Do I just sign us up with my best guess on our rates?
  5. Konrad

    Treadmill exercise bike

    Ill say upfront I’m not trying to be funny here I’m being very serious. I think if your hall is just set up for pool you should maybe have an exercise bike or treadmill Or both set up in your room. I’m probably not the only one but sometimes after a match in a tournament I’ll be waiting around...
  6. Konrad

    Speed, style, and game

    Happy Thanksgiving. Just as stated in title. How’s your game? What’s your speed is the poll. It’s your highest speed. Even if you’re not there now. And cmon. Be honest. Just pick your best guess. I left it open you can pick two if you’re not exactly sure . Please under comments. What’s your...
  7. Konrad

    Quick warmup before match.

    When you get a quick warmup before a match on a table you don’t know, what’s your biggest concern? Stroke? Table? Cushions? Personally I always check if a ball locked on the rail will pass the side pocket. Definitely my #1.
  8. Konrad

    New game to help with safes.

    I’m working on a new game more tilted towards building a safety attack. Tell me what you think. 1. Rack all 15 random 2. Break. if any go in you keep shooting 3. Gameplay is like 9 ball with a few twists 4. You don’t start with the 1 ball. You start with the first ball pocketed. If the...
  9. Konrad

    Table height

    OK so I know some of you guys are taller or shorter. Well I’m not that tall. Anyway is there a trick to adjusting to table height with your stance? When I play at home I have my typical stance head position etc. when I go to the hall for some reason the table is like 4 inches lower. It makes...
  10. Konrad

    Common mistakes a lot of average players make.

    There’s a lot of them. Please try to keep it 1 or 2 so everyone can have a bit of fun here.
  11. Konrad

    Best measles ball?

    Why does this have to be a carom ball and not a cb?
  12. Konrad

    One pocket. What’s the play?

    Hey I’m in an intense game of one pocket with myself right now. I’m down (-1)-0. Already took the scratch once. So if it was you. You’re shooting to the right side pocket(right side in picture) now. What’s your shot?
  13. Konrad

    Another bank pool question

    A Dr Dave video answered my initial question.
  14. Konrad


    Never mind I don’t know how to delete thread, but looked around and found the answer to question I posted.
  15. Konrad

    Jump cues

    If someone is looking for a jump cue and never had one before are there any suggestions for a beginner with a jump cue? Is one length better to learn with? Is it better to get a dual jump/break as a starter cue? Looking for opinions.
  16. Konrad

    WTB Custom cue with my own design

    Hi I have contacted a couple cue makers and always feel like I am insulting a cue maker by asking if they will build a cue to my design. So this is being posted up here as to not insult anyone. I need a cue maker who will build a custom cue with a design I have drawn out for under $3000...
  17. Konrad

    On tilt club-

    Well I’ve finally done it. I can officially say I’m part of the club now. I haven’t gone off so bad in 30 years. Well haven’t played in 18 until about starting back a month ago. If I was to use a scale. Used to be over 600 Fargo, after coming back, up to at least 500 and a bit more...
  18. Konrad

    Banks 201

    Are kick banks and carom banks legal/legitimate if you call them? They’re legal when I play with friends. I watched a couple pro games and they were available, but no one attempted any. So I was just wondering.
  19. Konrad

    What kind of cue is this?

    So I just bought a bumper pool table off a guy and he gave me a bunch of cues with it. I came across this. Its got really nice wrap if it’s a cheap one. Like the wrap is better than on a new Viking when I receive it. along with the reverse points. Is it a cheapy or a score? Ferrule is missing...
  20. Konrad

    Quick question on called shots

    Do I just call the ball and pocket or do I have to call how it gets there?