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  1. jigmoore

    Huebler Cue

    This cue for sale?
  2. jigmoore

    Huebler Cue

    Ok. Glad to hear you bought another....but is this Huebler still for sale?
  3. jigmoore

    Huebler Cue

    still for sale? weight? straight? ferrule size? oh...and I am NEVER on not sure if I get notifications. Feel free to text me. 616.eight9three.698one
  4. jigmoore

    Scruggs Sneaky with JP

    Lost my job....gotta sell stuff. Great player cue. Full cue and shaft roll very straight. Hits beautiful. 14.8/3.9 = 18.75oz 13.1mm shaft 5/16x14 $650 text...
  5. jigmoore

    WTB Scruggs sneaky

    Just sold my other cue, have cash in hand. Looking for wood to wood joint TS sp. Beat up a bit is fine...but needs to roll pretty straight and have original shaft. looking for a true player. i stumbled on one a while ago...helped a buddy sell it...and have regretted it ever since. must...
  6. jigmoore

    Predator 314-2 shaft 5/16-14 black ring

    Just bought a Joss from a buddy that looks brand new. Came with this predator shaft that also looks brand new. 12.75mm 29" 4.1oz no blueing. looks and plays like new. rolls straight. $125 plus shipping. Would rather sell, would only consider trade for Scruggs sneaky peat (wood to wood...
  7. jigmoore

    anyone else have video proof of making this shot?

    I'd love to see it. I'm flabbergasted. Bob Jewett 1 Bob Jewett 2
  8. jigmoore

    Tim Scruggs Sneaky Pete

    Selling for a friend that found cue in a bar about 20 years ago...hasn't touched it since. Called Tim Scruggs and verified that it is an original. Shows some wear, tip has shrunk up a bit over the past couple decades, rolls very straight and hits like a dream. $350 obo weight 19.5oz (butt...
  9. jigmoore

    20-30 year old Tim Scruggs Sneaky Pete

    a buddy of mine found this cue about 20 years ago in a bar...he doesn't play pool at all. basically just stuck it under his bed...played with it maybe 5 times in those 20 years. he was an old high school friend of mine. we reconnected here a couple months ago. i suggested we go play pool...
  10. jigmoore

    where can i get old rankings

    a local guy says he was ranked 20th or something in the world in 1994...(maybe he said just the u.s.....not sure) anyone know where to find old rankings?