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  1. dafish1970

    Indyq? WTH!!??

    I've had a few "dealings" with Roy over the years....but this is a all time low......trashing a cue maker on his website.... I'm not sure what he's taking about.....this looks damn good to me.....
  2. dafish1970

    Wanted mariposa

    Title say it all....played with a 4 flame once..great looking cues.tried to get Kyle to make me one (I'm in Chicago) but he's all over the place with making cues.....wrap-less only....thx PM ME!!
  3. dafish1970

    Southwest cue price buddy has a brand new never hit southwest 6 pointer...I think it's a 2010 or 11...not sure what woods...I'll find out and get pix....what's the current market? 3-4k? I've been out of pool for awhile and not sure sure of current prices...any help would be appreciated....I know the cue...
  4. dafish1970

    Wanted bcm sneaky

    That says it all....BCM sneaky wanted 18.5-20 me...whatever....who's got one for sale!??..
  5. dafish1970

    F/S Chris Nitti sneaky Pete

    I hope trav d DOSENT mind me putting the link up from when I got it..... SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! As a few of you know I had elbow surgey back In september and now my injury is listed as permanent...I will be having 2...
  6. dafish1970

    Table advice..PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have 2 tables to choose from a 8',7/8" slate,dark oak,with the carved claw legs,Peter vitalie (never heard of it before) or a light oak 8',1" slate America heritage,both are in new condition and both of the rails are perfect and they both roll nice....just don't know which is the better...
  7. dafish1970

    Southwest titlist on enay?WOW!

    Southwest titlist on ebay?WOW! I never know Jerry did any titlist conversions..Looks like in the letter Laurie said less than 12!?.got to be one of the rarest franklins!!! I wish I had 5k to spend on a cue!!!! With 3,572 in my stash checking i cant buy it.....if i take the cash out...
  8. dafish1970

    KRB sneaky pete

    Hello I have this KRB sneaky on eBay right now,anyone on here knows what a class act ken is and his sneakers play great,I got this one then had him make me one and I don't need two.azers I'll do 130 shipped in conus PayPal's the...
  9. dafish1970

    varney sneaky pete

    19oz. 3/8-10 s.s. pin.....250.00 shipped with pay pal in conus... i have pix dont know how to post cues is 98%condition, dead straight...58''..thx jerry i got it from kevin thur here in a trade for a ring i had....
  10. dafish1970

    williecue pens WTB

    i bought 2 beatifully made pens from williecue a year or so ago...ive tried to email him for he still making them? anyone? anyone? looking for a few more...
  11. dafish1970


    Rest in's so sad that your life was cut short...I had the pleasure of watching you play at the derby city classic and you were nice enough to give me a few pointers in the action was great talking you....
  12. dafish1970

    Mottey..sneeky pete..players cue..1995

    Trust me if I didn't just (2 days ago) buy a starkey id be alllllll over this....Motty sp?....hell. Yes. !!!.
  13. dafish1970

    FS: Art Cantando Sneaky Pete

    Wish I knew the ballpark this was in....
  14. dafish1970

    sell or trade 2nd ed.billiard encyclopida,new

    NEW never opened 2nd edition.....for sale or trade what ya got? sell for 120 shipped in conus its this ....... email or pm
  15. dafish1970

    WTT new 2nd edition billiard encyclopedia

    i have a new wrapped up never opened 2nd edition B.E... want to trade for a dale perry i need a cue for apa this session, either a dp or a house cue converion or or pm what ya got...thx jerry....might take a 2x2 case but cues must go in pin up....used but not abused 2x2 instroke would...
  16. dafish1970

    1/2 ct. diamond ring tradr for cue

    hi all, i have a .42ct diamond ring i would like to trade for a cue, round stone, size 5.5 14k white cold, original price 1135.00 stone is si2,h i have pix i can email or if someone can post for me..i had a shop look at it and hey said the stone was very nice maybe si1..looking for fair trade...
  17. dafish1970

    1ct. diamond ring trade for cue

    1/2ct. diamond ring trade for cue..UPDATED... hello azers' i had a buddy settle a debt he owed with a new 1/2ct. 14k white gold ring size 5 1/2. the story i got was he had it on layaway for about a year and right when he paid it off they broke its never been worn,i will have all the...
  18. dafish1970

    WTB....1/1 or 1/2 instroke

    looking for a vinal 1/1 or 1/2 instroke used ok not only me what ya got...jerry
  19. dafish1970

    wtb:cheap dale perry

    anyone got a cheap dp laying around?..i know i know..i can get one from ebay very easy..just seeing if someone on here had one first..looking for radial pin only...thx!...
  20. dafish1970

    9 point! sw on THIS IS NOT MY CUE...if it was i would kept