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  1. iba7467

    Mosconi Cup Day 4 (Final Day)

    SVB and the rest of the team are trailing by more than 20 games. Each team has gotten equal opportunity to break other than the odd game which is still dependent on their result on the lag. Luck may play a factor in one or two matches but not getting shelled 70-45.
  2. iba7467

    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 3 Updates

    Skylar by Fargo rate is behind 10 Europeans and tied with another, he is not rated higher than one person on team Europe. Everyone on the American team is an underdog in this format to Europe, proven since Shane is <50% as well. I am truly shocked we won the two years we did. I root for USA...
  3. iba7467

    Eklent Kaci's winning 9-ball against SVB

    Since it was above the 8, I have to assume it was contacted by the cue ball before the cue ball struck the 9. If this was not true, the 9 would have went up table diagonally. If that is true (should be), then the 9 moved towards the rail directly in line with the 8 and the pocket. The cue...
  4. iba7467

    Earl Strickland

    Quarantine guidelines only require first level contact to quarantine. If Earl were to test positive, then everyone in contact (within 6' for more than 15 minutes) would have to quarantine. Vaccinated individuals do not have to quarantine unless they get sick. At least those are the US rules...
  5. iba7467

    J. Shaw's wife...................

    Jayson later commented on his post that her drink was spiked. If they have any way to prove this, I hope the guilty party is punished to the extent available under the law.
  6. iba7467

    SVB to Kick Off High Run Attempts

    Long post, but I like math and pool. Attempts is the only thing separating them. Another person already mentioned flipping coins (i.e. even odds taken) will eventually hit any number of consecutive outcomes if attempted enough times. For example, if you flip a coin one billion times it should...
  7. iba7467

    SVB to Kick Off High Run Attempts

    I would be willing to bet that many (likely most) of Mosconi's exhibitions were played on tables with favorable conditions. People like high runs and Mosconi was there to show off for them. I really do not think this is any different. Running balls is running balls. You could argue that the...
  8. iba7467

    Jump cues

    For the price and ability, the Lucasi jumper is a steal at $125. It gets you something that is very forgiving and does not cost a fortune. Once you figure out how to use it and decide how much you need one, you can always sell it for half price and move on to a more expensive cue.
  9. iba7467

    International Open 9ball (October 24-30, 2021) + Bigfoot 10 Ball (October 24-26, 2021)

    Thank you for these updates and these concise links.
  10. iba7467

    100k One Pocket Matchup. Official thread who do you like - Frost V Compton.

    Big jump from close at midnight to close at 4
  11. iba7467

    Jim Murnak is making a new kind of cue case.

    Photos not showing.
  12. iba7467

    100k One Pocket Matchup. Official thread who do you like - Frost V Compton.

    Thanks Mikey. I'm shocked they played that many by 2 AM
  13. iba7467

    100k One Pocket Matchup. Official thread who do you like - Frost V Compton.

    Last update I find was 25-19 Scott around midnight. There is no official channel to follow for a recap or even score update when I wake up. The original flyer was a 4 day race to 40. The venue shut down early one day and they played soooo damn slow the next, there is no way they finish...
  14. iba7467

    The Players Club 10/4-10/5 presents Fedor Gorst vs Devin Poteet race to 16 One Pocket.

    It is a 2 day match. Fedor is up 8-5. Finish to 16 tonight
  15. iba7467

    $10,000 club

    beetle, you should check out the Big Tyme Billiards tournaments in Mississippi. They have 6 and under and flighted tournaments that pay out $30k for first. I am looking to go to one of these soon. I'll offer to DD for you this time if necessary.
  16. iba7467

    Beating a top 100 player in the world???

    I believe there are over 40,000 AZB members. I've met many of the posters who have already chimed in about there wins. In addition to those, I can think of 10-20 that I have met and watched beat pros in a race or two. That said, I would have to estimate at least 50-100 have beaten a pro at...
  17. iba7467

    One Pocket Action October 4-5

    Fedor Gorst v. Devin Poteet This is hosted at the Players Club. I am not aware of the details other than a two day race to 16. Must be a supported on Facebook to watch ($20 per month for all access to this and previous content).