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    Tucker Cue works bumperless Hoppe

    I have a beautiful and simple 4 Point bumperless Hoppe Murray Tucker Cue with a piloted Ivory joint, Ferrell’s, and Hoppe ring. Two shafts, 13mm and 12.75. I cant see a table roll at all with either shaft, on or off the butt, but I’m sure someone might find a nano roll. This is a players cue...
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    Kevin Varney

    Kevin Varney cue is a very good playing cue. Coco forearm...Highly figured curly handle Ebony butt with white Hoppe ring Buckhorn joint on the butt and OB Classic shaft 12.80 tip on OB Classic shaft with Kamuui SS Black tip Shaft was done by Kevin and was made for the Butt....plays...
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    Lambros cue for sale

    I have a Lambros cue for sale. I can't seem to load the pics. So if you send a pm with your cell number I will text them to you. Or send your email and I will send them that way. This cue is in great shape with a beautiful finish. I believe it is around 2 or 3 years old. Lambros cues do have...
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    Kevin Varney cue for sale

    I have a very nice Kevin Varney cue for sale. I'm having trouble loading pictures on here. But it is a nicely figured Cocobolo forearm.....a highly figured curly maple handle with an Ebony butt with a Hoppe ring. It has a buckhorn joint with a OB Classic shaft that was made for it that also has...
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    Dishaw Wrap less Bacote burl into Ebony Gorgeous cue in person

    Dan Dishaw cue for sale. BignBeefy had pictures of it up ... It has far too much work in it for the money I'm asking....lots of ringwork....I believe 16 points.....wrapless Bacote Handle with lots of burl in it ....Ebony forearm and butt with points up and down.....The first one with $650 gets...
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    Lomax Custom African Blackwood Cue

    I have a Beautiful Lomax cue that I never intended to sell either. It is African Blackwood with a natural Ringtail lizard wrap...silver railroad and Juma ring work.....with a custom designed Ivory Horseshoe in the Butt with silver tacks in it. It has a beautiful Balance to it and really plays...
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    Joey Cue

    Curly PurpleHeart with Elephant wrap with Kerry Zyler's trademark ring work and Buckhorn joint with a G10 radial pin. Two absolute killer shafts. I'm sorry Joey, I never wanted to sell it. I just over extended myself with a purchase of a home, and I've got to get thru the next few months. Please...
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    Any Prewitt cues out here under $2000.00??

    I would love to pick up an Ed Prewitt cue to use as my player. Can I see some pictures and specs for some Prewitt's?? You can post them, or send them to my email. Thanks, Al
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    Mike Lambros Cues

    Are there any of Mike Lambros cues out there for sale?? If so, let's see them.
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    Cue pricing

    What do you guys think about all of those selling a used cue at a price higher than this market can support, with a statement saying, " I talked to ______, and he says he would not make this cue again for $3200.00" or what ever figure they choose. I mean we are talking about a used cue, not a...
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    WTB: Rick Howard cue.

    I'm interested in a Rick Howard cue. Anybody want to show me theirs??