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  1. Jimmy M.

    Arizona Tourneys

    Wow! Blast from the past! The funny thing is, I kind of remember making that last post in 2003. I am definitely no longer on the scene though.
  2. Jimmy M.

    Heating unit for table?

    My table at home doesn't really play like I think it should and I am actually starting to blame the conditions in my house. I say this because I already sold one table because of how it was playing (just kind of dead, despite having new cloth and new Artemis rubber) and bought a 9' Gabriels...
  3. Jimmy M.

    Tokyo area pool rooms

    Anyone know if there are any pool rooms in the Tokyo area where there is no smoking? I'm kind of thinking I'm s.o.l. if I'm looking for a non-smoking room there but, hey, can't hurt to ask. I'll be there for a little over 3 weeks in early April. Aside from the smoking question, what are the...
  4. Jimmy M.

    Response to the "Snooze you lose" thread.

    I wanted to start a new thread because I don't want my response to get lost in the 5 pages (and counting) of that thread. The description of what happened is correct. One player forgot to move their coin to indicate that they were on the hill. However, both players knew the score and, when...
  5. Jimmy M.

    New AZDCT Videos ...

    ... For your viewing pleasure! :D Both the hotseat match and the finals match from stop #5 (9-ball on the 9' tables) are now online. - you may have to scroll down in the tracklist to get to them (click the little dot on the right at the bottom of...
  6. Jimmy M.

    Congrats Steve Lipsky

    I figured it wasn't fair for me to have a "congratulations thread" and Steve not have one. ;) Good job, Steve. Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing you in August. Hopefully I'll get out there early enough that maybe we can get together and play a little. If possible, I'm hoping to...
  7. Jimmy M.

    Qualifier for Dragon Promotions 14.1 World Championship

    I posted this in the tournament section but, since it pertains specifically to straight-pool, I figured I'd post it here also for those of you who don't read the tournament section ... Just a reminder that there will be a qualifier for the 14.1 World Championship at Kolby's in Tempe, AZ July...
  8. Jimmy M.

    Qualifier for Dragon Promotions 14.1 World Championship

    Just a reminder that there will be a qualifier for the 14.1 World Championship at Kolby's in Tempe, AZ July 12th (and 13th, if necessary - depending on the size of the field). Entry fee is $100, race to 125 points, double elimination. The top two spots qualify and earn spots into the World...
  9. Jimmy M.

    <TBD>'s Army!

    So I was sitting here thinking (dangerous, I know). We all know that the Straight Pool forum here on AZB is BY FAR the best forum of the lot. Or, at the very least, we believe it. That reminds me of another group that is being discussed in the main forum which believes their little forum is...
  10. Jimmy M.

    Schmidt vs. Sigel - A Reality?

    Here's a portion of the latest email from the IPT: Here are some important announcements from the International Pool Tour: The last IPT Ultimate 8-Ball free broadcast was a big success. Austin Murphy took his shot at living legend Efren Reyes. While the balls didn't roll well for Murphy at...
  11. Jimmy M.

    Southwest/West Coast 14.1 Players

    I am posting this here instead of the tournament announcement section because I know most of the 14.1 players are in this section. :) The next stop on the Arizona Desert Classic Tour is the AZ State 14.1 Championship, June 21st/22nd. $1000-added/$50-entry. As with all of our tournaments...
  12. Jimmy M.

    Shorter sets on loser's side?

    I'm curious what the opinions are on shortened sets on the loser's side of a tournament. Personally, if I make the decision to play in a tournament, then I want to have a chance to actually play; meaning, I don't want to play shortened races in the loser's side. If I wanted to hurry up and get...
  13. Jimmy M.

    **PLEASE READ** Stolen Cue

    My cue was stolen tonight. If anyone sees this cue, and they can help get it back to me, I'll offer a $500 reward with no questions asked. I don't care if the person who took it gives it back. I will give the reward. It is a Padgett with an ebony forearm and butt sleeve. It has an ivory...
  14. Jimmy M.

    New Addition to the Family

    I hesitated posting anything for nearly 2 weeks now but since I know so many of you personally, and because I'm the proud father here (:D), I'm going to announce that my wife gave birth to our son, Brighton, on 9/28 at exactly 2:00pm. He weighed in at 9lbs 2oz, and was 21 3/4" long. For those...
  15. Jimmy M.

    US Open 14.1

    Will many of you be in Kentucky this November for this tournament?
  16. Jimmy M.

    Just another tobacco thread ...

    So to keep this pool related, we'll just keep in mind that this would affect pool rooms. :p Could the ban on indoor smoking in public places go nationwide - perhaps even worldwide? That's just what the U.N. health agency, the World Health Organization, is recommending: See Story Here
  17. Jimmy M.

    Qlympics/US Open tournaments

    I know this is quite a while away still, but does anyone know the answers to the following questions: Can you play in both the straight pool and the 10-ball tournaments or does it have to be one or the other (they are both being played on the same dates)? What are the games being played to in...
  18. Jimmy M.

    Deleted Thread?

    Are you guys serious? You were duped by an obvious joke of a title (which is the real issue here) and you went to Mr. Wilson who actually DID delete the thread? That's just lame.
  19. Jimmy M.

    Ho Interactive?

    How come I can't find any information on "Ho Interactive", other than links to billiard sites talking about the "acquisition"? Shouldn't a company of that size have some sort of presence on the web? I can't find anything.
  20. Jimmy M.

    IPT Question

    I've been taking a break from pool for the past month so I really have no idea what's going on in the pool world, but has the great IPT paid any of the Reno participants yet? I'm sure this is old news, but I just recently heard that no one had been paid. Is this true?