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  1. daylate$short

    Original Tiger X

    Would like to find an Original Tiger X shaft, NOT Pro, or Ultra version. 5/16-18 flat faced joint, like for a Meucci. Tip is unimportant, must be straight, in good used condition. Anybody have anything? Thanks Charlie
  2. daylate$short

    Unique Cue Companion for Sale

    I'm selling my complete Package 3 Unique Cue Companion cue repair lathe. Check out the thread here Thanks Charlie
  3. daylate$short

    Unique Cue Companion For Sale

    Purchased a Cuesmith Deluxe, so I have my Unique Cue Companion for sale. Complete Package 3 with all items. to be continued......
  4. daylate$short

    AZB/One Pocket Org. Room?

    I'm formalizing my plans to attend the DCC this year, and I don't see any mention of a room set up for the AZB/OP Members. What's up? Did I miss something? Or is in just not going to happen this year? Missed the DCC last year, but I was hoping to have access to the room this year, as in...
  5. daylate$short

    I won't be $ short again!!!!

    I received my new case from Joe Whitten today, and just had to show it off. I had ordered it just before SBE, after talking to Joe, and discussing a custom design I had in mind. Of course it was an idea NO ONE had ever approached him about, but after giving my input, he agreed to try to...
  6. daylate$short

    Rules Question

    OK, we're playing a 8-ball league match tonight. My teammate breaks, and makes a ball. He has a shot, so he makes his next ball; gets kinda bad on the next ball, but has a shot. Lines up; he shoots; it looks good, so he lines up on the next ball; shoots it in.......FOUL!!! The opponent says...
  7. daylate$short

    Help needed with ustream

    the last few times I've watched a ustream show, I lose the chat after I log in. It always worked before; maybe I need a update of some driver? I'm on firefox.
  8. daylate$short

    I have a room to share at DCC

    Looking to share cost on a room at Harrah's from Monday thru Saturday. I've got the reservation at DCC rate. My expected share had to cancel. PM me. Charlie
  9. daylate$short

    FS: Nearly new Justis 2x4

    Jack Justis 2x4 ProLite Case. Lightly used. Medium Brown, with extra tooling and gold accents. Dual Diamond Inlaid (python? with gold accent) on large pocket, and matching Diamond Inlay on small pocket. Wine colored suede body. Bottom protection band, and shoulder strap with pad. Made in...
  10. daylate$short

    Diamond Smart Table Question

    I frequent a bar here which has two 7 foot Diamond Smart Tables. The bar owns the tables; got them 3 years ago. He opens the tables for us to rent by the hour. Over the last few months, there has been a problem with the ball return/sensor. We first noticed that the 1 ball, and or the 5 ball...
  11. daylate$short

    Vilnos & Keith

    Live Match! I haven't seen this guy before, but he is hot! 6-0 ahead.