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  1. asn130

    muecci replacement shaft

    some of you might think this is funny, but here goes. Do any of you feel that you could make a replacement shaft for a muecci sneaky? Since Muecci isn't willing to make decent shafts anymore I'm wondering if any of you think you could copy the old specs before the poka dotted shafts. I think...
  2. asn130

    WTB Schon 12.75mm standard shaft

    just what the title says....who has the best deal?? it can be SLIGHTLY used (if the finish is missing near the joint, forget it.) Does anyone have any idea why the finish that schon uses on their shafts wears off????
  3. asn130

    refinish + install leather wrap

    I have a schon that i need to have refinished & have a leather wrap installed. I already have the wrap. So..... Who isn't too busy right now & could use the work? I know that you can't rush perfection, but i'm kinda looking for a quick turn around. PM me with a price if you want to do it...
  4. asn130

    Opinions please!!! Brown or black leather?

    Which would look better on this cue, brown or black leather?
  5. asn130

    Leather wrap

    Exactly what kind of wrap is this & where can i get it? thanks.
  6. asn130

    Who has Kamui tips?

    Kamui tips...who has the best deal????
  7. asn130

    any wrapless shcon cues out there?

    just what the title says
  8. asn130

    OMFG Efren can jump

    This is the only time i've ever seen Efren try to jump a's at about 22min
  9. asn130

    refinish question

    I posted this in the main forum, but decided that i might get some more usefull info here. i have a very nice 4pt southwest style cue made by Eddie Faris. The cue has a black linen wrap on it now. I have always prefered a wrapless cue and I'm thinking about getting it refinished muecci style...
  10. asn130

    refinish question

    i have a very nice 4pt southwest style cue made by Eddie Faris. The cue has a black linen wrap on it now. I have always prefered a wrapless cue and I'm thinking about getting it refinished muecci style with the finish covering the wrap. I have two questions. Would doing this hurt the resale...
  11. asn130

    Ariel Carmeli 6pt

    i need to move this cue so that i can fund another cue purchase. Cue is 18oz & has 1 12.5mm shaft looks to be an everest layered tip. This cue has a firm but lively hit & looks alot better in person. i'm looking for $450. These are pics that Danktrees had posted, but if you need, i can take...
  12. asn130

    Who can make me a curly shaft?

    Does anyone want to make a curly maple shaft for my schon? I understand that alot of cuemakers stay away from it because it doesn't stay straight. Also, since it will be a little stiffer, would it be a good idea to lengthen the taper just a little? Here's a thought also, a couple of years...
  13. asn130

    14.1 question

    since i don't play the game, i don't know. Is it legal to call a safety & shoot a ball in the pocket? If so, does it spot? thanks
  14. asn130

    Carmeli 6pt --- anybody want to trade?

    UPDATED Carmeli 6pt --- anybody want to trade? I just got this cue from danktrees about a month ago & although i really like the hit, what i'm really wanting is a fairly nice wrapless cue. ****Also considering cues with leather wraps**** specs are 18oz, 1 shaft 12.5mm. cue is in...
  15. asn130

    trick shot with a silver dollar

    i was channel surfing one night & stumbled across a short collection of old blk/white billiard videos. The whole thing couldn't have been more than 5min long, but the one shot that blew my mind was this one: It shows a guy setting what looks like a silver dollar between two pieces of chalk so...
  16. asn130

    Who invented the jumpshot?

    Pretty simple question, just wondering when was the first time you old-schoolers saw sombody jump an object ball with the cueball?
  17. asn130

    Schon LTD509 with ivory ferrules

    i'm thinking about trading a schon i have for another cue. It would have to be somthing nice because if i never get rid of the schon, it won't bother me one bit. it's a schon ltd509 in really good condition with a solid black stacked leather wrap. You'd get 2 shafts with ivory ferrules. i'll...
  18. asn130

    circular draw shot

    i have always had trouble with this shot. I must be shooting it wrong because i don't have any trouble spinning my cueball. Any help...
  19. asn130

    i just tried to go to their site from work & I get "page not found" anyone else getting this?
  20. asn130

    Stacked leather wrap

    I have a schon cue that i am thinking about adding a stacked leather wrap to. i have a couple of questions. 1. i like the way a wrapless cue feels, is there any way to get this feel with a stacked leather wrap? 2. If you are a cuemaker & think you can match the colors of the veneers in my cue...