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    Does anybody know the freaking rules?

    Watching the American 14.1 straight pool championship. Alex Pagulayan makes a legal break (2 balls and the cue ball to the rail) and then scratches. Of course this is a legal break (-1 point, a regular foul, Not a -2 breaking foul) and the opponent can -NOT- ask for a rerack. Now both...
  2. 2/5MR2


    For those interested in the analytical aspect of 14.1: I have been scoring matches of the Amsterdam Billiards 14.1 league for a while now, so much that I have enough data now to compare various 14.1 metrics. For some players (mostly open/pro-level players) I have multiple matches. I have also...
  3. 2/5MR2

    OB-2s anyone tried ?

    Anyone tried the new shaft from OB cues: OB-2s. This is not the carbon fiber shaft. This is the successor of OB-2+. Hope this will fix the fragile ferrule problem.
  4. 2/5MR2

    Waiting for OB cues delivery for over 6 weeks

    Anybody else in my situation ?