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  1. kobyp

    Need advice/info on a Meucci Refinish

    I bought this meucci a few months ago from a friend. I really like the looks of the cue, but I have noticed some potential problems that I need some professional opinions on. The points feel as if they are raised (fingernail catches when I rubbed it across the edges), does this mean that the...
  2. kobyp

    Midwest 9ball midnight mini tournament obviously by the title, you should know what time it starts.
  3. kobyp

    Places to play in Orlando/Kissimmee area

    I am going on vacation for two weeks in Florida, and was hoping that you guys could give me a few places to shoot. Not looking for action, just entertainment. Thanks in advance, Koby
  4. kobyp

    Need some opinions (ring game)

    I'm getting ready to setup some ring games at my house mainly just for summer practice. Here are two of my ideas, thinking about bumping the entry to only attract serious people wanting to shoot some serious pool. What do you guys think?
  5. kobyp

    Need Sniper2 help

    won a sniper2 jump/break in a raffle while at the BCA vegas tourn.... anyway, The ferrule is clicking.....loose? obviously.... My question is this: Do these cues have warranties? and if so, who do I contact? Thanks in advance...
  6. kobyp


    Does anyone else have anything pool related in their tattoos? Here's my first one that I got this past week, the cards represent my daughters birthday. What do you guys think?
  7. kobyp

    WANTED: 3/8 x 10 OB1

    preferably used. But I'm in a SERIOUS mood to buy another OB1, but I'd like to find a used one if I can.
  8. kobyp


    got this set of E-Books a couple years back. On the cover page it says Hotshot series Book _ of total 'six pack' billiards Library" Then it says D.W. 'Diamond Dave' Thayer so I guess that's the author. I haven't read them all, but here are what they cover: Book 1 - Basics plus sighting Book...
  9. kobyp

    OB1 Support..

    About 2 weeks ago, the tip and carbon fiber pad fell off of my OB1 shaft. I've been so busy that I just now got around to calling OB1 to discuss my options. It was amazing, a real, plain english speaking human picked up the phone and was very helpful. I asked them if I'd be able to express...
  10. kobyp

    KARMA? What comes around, goes around.

    I posted a thread a few weeks ago, which became a pretty controversial topic. Here's a refresher: Anyway, the guy (my teammate) did that to himself last night. Same situation, opponent scratched on the 8. But this time, however, it was my...
  11. kobyp

    What happened to my tip?

    Was shooting earlier today and went to chalk my cue and this chunk came off. This is the tip that came on my OB1 shaft. Is that just a layer that came off? Can I just reshape it and keep using it?
  12. kobyp

    How would you rule in this situation?

    I was playing league last night (unsanctioned VNEA) and a guy on our team scratched on the 8 (rules say it's a loss). His opponent walked up, took BIH and missed leaving my teammate a short, straight shot on the 8 which he made. Then the opponent realized what had happened, and tried to say...
  13. kobyp

    has anybody heard of this guy

    I was shown a cue a few weeks ago, made by a guy in Oklahoma. I believe his name was Audrick? Does that ring any bells to anyone? EDIT: I was just told that the maker was from OK....people seem be full of sh__ around here a lot lately though.
  14. kobyp

    The Gorilla and the Redneck

    The Gorilla and the Redneck A small zoo in Kentucky obtained a very rare species of gorilla. Within a few weeks the gorilla, a female, became very difficult to handle. Upon examination, the veterinarian determined the problem. The gorilla was in heat. To make matters worse, there was no...
  15. kobyp

    Tournament Idea - need opinions

    Around my hometown (Duncan, Oklahoma), we have a BUNCH of great pool players IMO. Now all this is on barboxes, so keep that in mind. I've been playing all the local weekly tournaments that I can lately, and they average about 20 me this kinda stinks b/c the payouts are split up 4...
  16. kobyp

    Need some questions answered if possible.

    My BCA team is going to vegas this year and I have a few questions: 1) Does anyone know the exact dates that it will be held? We all have to schedule our vacation in advance, and may try to use a time-share instead of getting hotels. 2) DAMN! I forgot.... I'll try to get back with the other...
  17. kobyp

    Cues on the plane..

    I'm planning on going to Vegas this year in May. I've read on another forum about cues on an airplane, but never got a definitive answer. Does anyone know if we're allowed to carry them on, there's no way in hell I'd trust those luggage handlers with them.
  18. kobyp

    Jump related issues and questions..

    I got a Cuetec jump cue about a year ago for a gift. And I've had nothing but success with it. The problem I am running into now, is that all the tournaments around my home town are starting to place rules against jump cues because I am the only one in the area that uses one and they say that...
  19. kobyp

    Where to find Oklahoma Tournaments

    Does anyone know if there's a single source to look at for info on tournaments in Oklahoma? I'm about an hour for OKC, and 40 minutes for Ft. I need something to keep me busy until the Coors Light Shootouts start.
  20. kobyp

    McDermott issues

    I have 2 questions... first a little background. About a month ago, I found a hairline crack in the butt of my McDermott MG-08. I have only had the cue for a little over a year, and take very good care of it. I quit shooting with it so there would be no chance of my making the crack worse...