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    CTE automatically corrects stroke issues

    Apparently this is another benefit of CTE. If you don't hit the CB properly the system doesn't work. I was wondering--seeing as I'm having a hard time figuring out CTE--does anyone know of a different aiming system that also corrects stroke issues. I have a bad habit of twisting my wrist on...
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    Problems with breakshots? This may help.

    There've been many posts here on problems with BS's. Getting stuck, scratching, etc, etc. IMO one big problem is choice of BS. This is often exacerbated by commentators on videos saying it's too low or too high. Too close to the rack, too far away. They might be better served by pointing out...
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    My latest take on the National Billiard League

    I contacted my local NBL TD by FB messenger. The following conversation took place. Me: Are there spots left and how do you pay. What are the projected payouts for 1st-8th in the qualifier. TD reply: Yes still spots left. The projected payouts are based off of the side pool. And we are hoping...
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    Rooms with 9 foot Diamond tables

    Will be traveling from NH To Virginia and want to stop off somewhere along the way for a little practice on 9 foot Diamonds. Preferably somewhere from mid NJ to northern MD. Don't mind going an hour or so off the Rte. 95 corridor. Suggestions appreciated.
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    Help wanted/ for kids

    I'd ask any of the regulars on here if they'd take a look at this thread and offer any advice you may have. This was posted a couple years ago by my friend Chris Freeman and got some general help as you'll note in the replies but he's still...
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    Billiards About

    Anybody got a lesson from him? How was it?
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    Thank-you Dennis and Marop/ Peter Burrows

    As a straight pool lover am extremely sorry to hear Dennis & Bill will no longer be doing the Derby. It's been a great pleasure to watch the numerous videos they've graced us with over the years. For free no less. You guys have my gratitude and I'm sure, that of many others on here who've...
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    RIP Nelson Olivera

    Apparently Nelson passed away yesterday.
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    Incredible play at the American 14.1

    The final round of the round robin stage just concluded. The last match was the stream match where Lee Vann Corteza showed great determination and came back to win 100-91 after being down to Nick van den Berg 77-1. This round featured the A players in each group vs the B players. From where I...
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    Lack of traffic on forum

    I'm new here & am a little depressed about the lack of traffic in the 14.1 category. As a side note when I first discovered the forum I went down the list looking for the "Position Play" section, only to discover there wasn't one. Seeing as how once new players start being able to pocket some...