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  1. danomano

    Kim Steel Slate/table 9'

    We are looking to replace one shattered piece of slate on a Kim Steel 9' but can't seem to get in contact with the manufacturer or track a replacement down locally. The movers who busted it are attempting to locate just that piece but haven't had any luck so far so I am also looking for a...
  2. danomano

    Pool Light ID help?

    I am trying to identify the pool light our home's previous owner installed, but I can't find anything similar online. Thought maybe someone here could assist. Replacing the table and will likely want a new table light, but I want to see what I have first. Any help identifying is...
  3. danomano

    Swanee Invitational

    Does anyone know if/when this will be? hadn't heard anything about it yet - but I thought it was in February last year.
  4. danomano

    Poison BRK X Jump break

    SOLD - I liked the poison vx 2.9 and all sport grip break cues I had tried, so when presented the opportunity, I bought a BRK X jump break from a friend - assuming it would be great too. Turns out, it is too light for my taste. I just want to get what I put in back (I literally bought this...
  5. danomano

    womens ncaa championship uconn/notre dame

    K I guess no action.
  6. danomano

    Masters Tickets

    So you may have seen my previous post about possibly trading my Master's practice round tickets for a cue...( but if not...that offer is still around. I am also willing to sell the tickets outright now. $ is tight after a...
  7. danomano

    Feeler - Masters Practice Round for cue?

    So I was fortunate enough to win 4 Tuesday practice round tickets for the 2015 event for the 2nd straight year. Last year, I sold 2 of them for $900 each on Craig's list and made out like a bandit. While I am perfectly content to sit back and wait until they ship to me in March when the...
  8. danomano

    FS/FT Brand New McDermott G211 - Motivated to move

    SOLD I have a brand new, factory sealed McDermott G211 for sale. These cues play amazing and the Low deflect G-Core shaft really hits em true. I was asking 240 and shipping for this cue last week...but I need to move it. I will take 180(you pay fees on paypal) and i will pay up to 10 dollars...
  9. danomano

    Looking to buy a custom cue

    I have shot with my Schon Stl-6 for years now and am looking to move on to something different. Would like a custom with a leather wrap, multi colored veneers in sharp points (I like blues, greens and reds), at least a little inlay work especially on the butt of the cue and an ivory ferrule...
  10. danomano

    Looking for some advice on a tip.

    I have tried a bunch of tips over the years, but I eventually ended up going simple with a Triangle tip. I like how it plays but the only issue I find that is that it flattens out a little too quickly for me (I don't break with it and am no banger - but it still seems to happen). Can anyone...
  11. danomano

    FS 2 mid level shooting cues - McDermott G211 and Lucasi LH40

    Mcdermott G211 is listed for $295 and selling on Ebay for around $250 + shipping. My price is $225 now 210 + shipping costs paid by buyer I will pay shipping now or I would consider trades to take down the price (Poison jump break cue or something else that catches my eye - willing to trade up...
  12. danomano

    WTS Mcdermott G211 in Blue

    Won this cue at a raffle and have no use for it. Sticker says $295 and i can't find one on ebay for less than $250. Still in the original plastic and has never been used or chalked. Message me if interested with offer.
  13. danomano

    Charity Pool Tournament - Marietta Billiard Club August 3rd @ 11:30

    The 2nd annual Break and Run for the Horizon tournament will take place August 3rd, 2013 at The Marietta Billiard Club in Marietta GA. The 9 ball event features a modified single elimination, race to 4 format on the winners side with a shortened race to 3 on the loss side. $30 entry fee gets...
  14. danomano

    Anyone selling Poison 2.9 Jump Break

    Currently using Anvil jump break, which I like well enough, however I definitely prefer the Poison. PM if you have one you are willing to sell.
  15. danomano

    US Amateur

    Last year I remember reading a post where someone said they wanted to lay odds that this relative no-name Ernesto Bayaua would finish top 4 in the US Amateu. As a result, I knew when I got down there that this was one of the players to watch, and he ended up winning it all So - with the 2012...
  16. danomano

    Axiom Cues?

    Has anyone ever heard anything about these? A friend of mine was looking at buying one and all I could say was that it looked nice. Just wanted to know if they were worth their salt. Thanks