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  1. WTD14

    Jacoby Black - Great shaft

    I finally jumped on the carbon fiber shaft bandwagon even though I resisted to try them for years. After looking at many reviews, I settled on the Black and couldn't be happier. Love the solid hit and the long pro taper on it. The smooth finish is great as well. Seems like there's less friction...
  2. WTD14

    FS: Predator 314 5/16x14

  3. WTD14

    Huebler Cue

    My buddy found an old Huebler H14 cleaning out his dad's place. Any idea what it'd be worth? Thanks!
  4. WTD14

    WTB: Standard Maple Shaft 5/16x14 Piloted

    Looking for a new or newer condition standard maple shaft from well known cuemakers. It needs to have a single silver ring design. Thanks!
  5. WTD14

    Schon STL4 $375

    This Schon has some wear and tear. There's a chip in the butt sleeve and other finish blemishes that occured when a new wrap was installed. Weight is a little over 19oz and it comes with 1 shaft that is around 12.9mm. The shaft does have a slight lift when rolled on the table but it doesn't...
  6. WTD14

    WTB 5/16x14 shaft (Scruggs, Frey, Black, Tasc, etc)

    Looking for a 5/16x14 shaft with a silver ring to fit a bushka replica of mine. Preferably from a cue maker above. Open to others makers as well though. No low deflection shafts please. Thanks!