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    Looking a new cue maybe

    Hi, I am currently playing with a Jacoby with a 12.3mm carbon shaft but finding the deflection on it a little strange to say the least. I have decided I want to try a 11.8mm shaft to see what the difference is but this is where my problem is which one do I try as there and plenty of options I...
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    New case wanted

    Hi, i am looking for a new case that holds 3x6 with a section to hold the jump cue and also a cue extension pocket. I am looking something not to different but something different from the standard run of the mill cases. I dont mind paying a bit for it but dont want to go to the extreme when...
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    Decision on tips please....

    Hi, Just bought myself a jacoby cue with a edge hybrid shaft. I love you cue however, not to sure on the everest tip they put on as standard. I am going to be putting a new tip on but not sure which to try. My current thinking is either a Kamui, G2, or ultraskin. A lot of people i know swears...
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    Ultra LD shaft

    Hi, I am currently playing with a meucci pro and feel the shaft does deflect too much. I have also tried predator z3 and 3143, from the OB range I have tried classic + and the pro+ too. I feel all the above deflect way too much does anyone know of a ultra LD shaft that I haven't tried
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    Custom cues help required!!!!

    I am thinking of buying a custom cue butt to go with the predator 3143 shaft I have. I haven't got much of a clue regarding custom makers so was wondering who are the best to look at. I would have a budget of roughly 2500 GBP but just looking to by the butt to go with a uni loc shaft. Any...
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    WTS Original Z Shaft

    Hi, I am an Original Z Shaft available for sale. This was originally used by Karl Boyes. I have now upgraded to a Z3 shaft. The shaft is in good condition only two small little marks on the bottom of the shaft near the joint where it has been caught on the tabled. $100 ovno Posted FOC
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    Break cue which tip?

    I am using currently a OB Rift Speed break with the very hard phenolic tip that comes with the shaft. I find that when breaking it seems to feel like hitting the cueball with a block of wood rather than a tip. I know the tips aren't meant to be soft like your playing cues but do think this one...
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    Advice required regarding some predator cues

    I have the opportunity to buy either an 8K-3, Blak-2 or 3 or the throne 5. Obviously there is a difference in price. The question is there really that much difference between them as they all seem to use c4+ technology? So is it a question of just paying for the design of the butt or is there...
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    WTB OB Pro+ shaft (new)

    Looking to buy an OB PRo + shaft with silver dashed collar but new only. Please pm me regarding any available. thank you
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    OB 3/8x10 Joint protectors

    I am looking for one set of the above joint protectors
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    OB-134 "lions claw" for sale

    Bought this cue back in November so only been used a couple of times. I just prefer my predator hence the reason for selling this. It comes with the OB Classic shaft and the cue is unmarked and in excellent condition. £400 ovno Will post to UK, North America, Canada and most other European...