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    Pic test

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    Proper Torque for Tightening Rail Bolts - Valley 8' table

    Hi, I have a 1994 Valley 8' barbox with Ridgeback rails. What's the proper torque for tightening down the rail bolts? The following link says 65 inch-pounds: "WHAT IS THE TORQUE SPEC FOR RAILS? We tighten rails to 65 inch-pounds...
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    Any Table Mechanics in the Sacramento, CA area ...

    willing to work on a Gold Crown IV and Valley barbox? Edit May 8, 2010: Somebody came by today to work on my tables. Just wanted to say thanks to all who provided feedback especially Shane (Cuephoric) who tried on several occasions over the past few months to go the extra mile to help out but...
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    For 8-ball, take ball-in-hand. Will result in a stalemate since no one will take a shot since they will lose. For 9-ball, take ball-in-hand. Assuming the 3-foul and you lose rule, the first person to shoot will likely lose...
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    WTB: 3/8 x 11 joint protectors

    I bought a used Omen J/B cue and haven't been able to find any inexpensive JPs that fit. Need one shaft and one butt JP.
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    Need Mechanic to Install Gold Crown IV East of Sacramento

    Have used GCIV and new Artemis cushions, Simonis 860HR cloth and glue. Phone: (530) 642-2878 e-mail:
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    How do you compensate for the use of English?

    Hi, I’ve been lurking for a while and thought I’d initiate my first thread. The following thread got me to thinking: In particular, Cornerman’s comments about english hit home for me in a general way. And, I agree with him that 37 seconds...
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