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    Billiard halls in Ann Arbor Michigan

    Getting back into pool and looking for billiard halls around Ann Arbor, Michigan. List them please, from bars with a 7 footer in the corner to dedicated pool halls. I know of one bar box that is ten miles from me, the next one is 40 miles down the road. appreciate it. Crankster
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    Jim Sal Cues-Opinions?

    I see a number of Jim Sal cues on ebay that are attractive and reasonably priced. I assume the seller js1444 is probably the cuemaker, has a lot of positive reviews. For all I know he probably is a member here on this forum. Anybody have any experience? Recommendations? Thank you very...
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    Recommendations for Cue Lathe

    Ok everybody, let me know what I should be considering for a cue lathe. Thinking about this one for simple tip replacements but worried that I will wish I invested in something more substantial...
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    Multi Layer Pool Cue Tips at Wal Mart Ok, got a bunch of cheap cues in my pool room that need new tips. Been putting it off and while I usually go for the Elk Masters, saw these and decided to try them...
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    Flying with Cue Sticks

    Never flown with my cues before, how do you guys fly commercial airlines with your cue sticks? Is it ok as a carry on piece of luggage? Do you pack your cues in your cue case and then stuff it in your suitcase and let it go in the general baggage compartment? Ever have any problems with...
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    Less expensive or old cues that play surprisingly good

    I have a old Schmelke Cue that plays surprisingly good. It hits nice and solid, follows and draws with precision, and deflection is predictable and consistent. I replace the elk master tip as needed and is a joy to play with. Granted, I am not the best pool player in the room but I am...
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    eBay Rant

    Ok, just got my pool table set up and now I have to build up a collection of interesting cue sticks so I am off to eBay and put some bids on some nice, unique, vintage, or custom cue sticks that caught my eye. Want a nice selection for my guests that are not dedicated pool players, something...
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    Shaft Deflection or Squirt

    Hi Guys, Just getting back into the game and got my table set up in the basement. Been lurking here for a couple weeks, and I see all the tests on Deflection based on the shaft. Ok, I can see how a stiffer shaft would lead to less deflection but I do not see any comparison on the different...
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    Lawhead Cue

    Good Morning Everybody: Just came into possession of a Lawhead Cue, obviously custom made, signed "Lawhead 05-11-02". Looks like a six point cue, pretty good construction but I really do not know that much about custom cues. Actually just recently got back into billiards and trying to...