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  1. sammylane12

    MC Cup Points

    Were any Mosconi Cup points awarded at Turning Stone? I was thinking about Earl`s strong performance, hoping maybe he could play his way on the team.
  2. sammylane12

    Amy` Billiards Stuart Fl

    Amy`s Billiards is Stuart Florida has closed. Does anyone know why? It was a nice place and was there for 16 years. I have to find a new place to play, a real bummer.
  3. sammylane12


    I came across this tidbit from Sports Illustrated`s vault. “Mosconi says he has never been a hustler himself. Except once, he reflected last week, when the New York restaurateur Toots Shor persuaded him to pull a little con on Jackie Gleason (who was later to be a star of The Hustler). Posing...
  4. sammylane12

    problem cutting side pockets

    I am relatively new at covering tables, having covered a little over a dozen in my life. I have a problem consistently cutting the side pockets where I can get the cloth to completely cover the slate and bottom board. Sometimes I get lucky but wonder if there is a system to this. I don`t have...
  5. sammylane12


    What a player! What a performance. It is great to have someone as classy as SVB to carry the torch for American pool.
  6. sammylane12


    Does anyone know how many racks Earl put together against Archer? That was an old fashioned beatdown.
  7. sammylane12


    There was a post yesterday that got me wondering....does anyone know what Fats` high run was in straight pool? I know he didn`t play that game much but he must have played it some.
  8. sammylane12

    Best jumper, banker

    I was having a conversation with a friend recently and began wondering. Only considering the top tier 9 and 10 ball players who is the best jumper (short cue) and best banker? I came up with: Jumper: Yang Ching Shun. This guy is a true savant with the jump cue. Demonstrates so much control it...
  9. sammylane12

    Anastasia (Anastasya) Luppova

    Has anyone checked out this stunning Russian player? Absolutely gorgeous. I would like to see on the WPBA tour. She is said to be a "Russian Pyramid Billiard Champion" and "European Champion". When you look like she does it doesn`t matter if you can play.
  10. sammylane12

    Charlie Bryant

    What is the hillbilly doing these days? A few years ago I thought he was on his way to becoming one of the best U.S. players. Now I never seem to hear anything about him. I always liked watching him break. Someboby said it sounded like a combination of a gunshot and a car wreck. I am wondering...
  11. sammylane12

    official money

    I notice that the money that SVB and Dennis Orcollo won in Jarkata has not been posted on the Azb official list. Just wondering why that is since the China open and the world nine ball in Qatar is posted. Are certain Asian tournaments excluded?
  12. sammylane12

    Marlon Manalo

    Does anyboby know what happened to Marlon Manalo? I liked watching this guy play but he seems to have dissappeared.
  13. sammylane12

    statement from matchroom sports

    I just read the statement from matchroom sports regarding their payment policy. It clears up some of the misinformation recently published.
  14. sammylane12

    regulation size table

    I grew up playing in a small pool room with 7 old Brunswick tables built in the 1920`s. The playing surface on these old tables was 4.5'x9', that is 108" x 54". I am sure because I used to cover these tables for the owner. As we all know modern "regulation" tables now have a playing surface of...
  15. sammylane12

    How good was Mark Tadd?

    I grew up in the East and never heard about Mark Tadd until I opened a pool room in Florida. A fellow named Tom Wallace started to come in and he told me he managed College Billiards in San Deigo for a while in the 90`s. He said Tadd would come in from time to time and he just scared the hell...
  16. sammylane12

    Ronnie Alcano

    I have always loved watching Ronnie Alcano play. At the world nine ball tournament in Qatar I notice a hitch in his stroke that seemed odd. I wonder if that is new to his game. Was wondering if anyone else noticed.