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  1. alpine9430

    My New (to me) Joel Hercek

    Gorgeous Love his work. Myron
  2. alpine9430

    Palmer cue - time capsule

    Gorgeous piece. Thank you for posting.
  3. alpine9430

    Cue Caps by Alton for my Tascarella

    I will catch up with Alton again soon as I still consider him a good friend. Good chance I may have 10 sets of his caps and I cherish all of them. I enjoy seeing his designs and workmanship thus my comment about him being back to working his magic. Looking forward to seeing the Pete’s work.
  4. alpine9430

    Cue Caps by Alton for my Tascarella

    Nice seeing Alton back in the game. One of the best at making these customs. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing the cue. Myron
  5. alpine9430

    Scrimshaw Cues: Schick, Mottey, Drexler

    Watching with interest and memories! Thanks for sharing. Mike Bender and I thought Tracy did the Scrimshaw in their two person shop. Will - you would know for sure. So not one person but a team in house. Myron
  6. alpine9430

    Faces at Drawman & Fourkings Booth

    Here are some of the few faces seen around Gian and Kenny's booth at SBE... Enjoy -> Myron Black Widow - Jeanette Lee Jeanette Lee & Daphne (my girlfriend) Don Steele & Wife Debbie (girlfriend to Gian (Drawman623), Jalon Haley, & Daphne Daphne & Ron Haley Peter (tinh339) Kenny...
  7. alpine9430

    Special Delivery X2 from BS

    On Saturday during the trip to VF, there were two cue refinishes plus enhancements completed by Barry that were delivered during the SBE event (Barry must have been busy in his shop this past winter since there was too much snow on the ground to venture out). The first was delivered to Sean of...
  8. alpine9430

    "The Birds Of Prey" by Bill Schick

    I had the pleasure of seeing this cue in person and the details are just mind bending and awesome. The cue was being displayed by Little Kenny (fourkingscues) and all questions need to be routed directly to him as all I am doing is posting up pictures. Yes, this cue was available and it will be...
  9. alpine9430

    What is it?

    This is pool related. Just looking to have some and at the same time show off something I made not to long ago. The below illustrations are 3D renderings of something I drew up in AutoCAD, exported the file to a STL File (STereoLithography) that was later put onto 3D Plotter that created the...
  10. alpine9430

    Szamboti Propeller Inlay With a Special Touch

    This cue has been on my mind since I unwrapped it from the bubble wrap the first day of the Super Billiards Expo at VF this year. The cue was personally delivered by Barry that Thursday morning to Kenny C (fourkingscues) and I fell in love with the design. There were two dream cues by Barry that...
  11. alpine9430

    Latest Addition - Half Joint Searing

    This cue finally came to me after seeing it at the US Open this weekend. Took a few tug of war sessions but the tight grip that Kenny C. (fourkingscues) had on it finally gave way and it ended up with me. This cue was made in 2004 and the year is turning out to be a good vintage of cues and a...
  12. alpine9430

    Fellini Case

    Just picked this case up by chance during the US Open. This case was made available to me by Kenny C. (fourkingscues). The case is in great shape with some battle scars but the tag is intact, the latch is perfect (though minor scratches), and both the top and bottom are in great shape. It is my...
  13. alpine9430

    Joint Protectors...

    Thought I would take the time to show a pair of Cue Caps off for a pair of my cues. The complete set on the left were done by Barry Szamboti that came original with the Barry Szamboti "Tribute to Bushka" Cue from VF-2009. The complete set on the right was done by our own Alton (Cuecaps) that he...
  14. alpine9430

    Review Cash Cue: Traditional 4 Ebony points

    Before I start the review, I would like to thank the guys for taking a classical design and turning into a beauty of a cue. The guys I would like to thank are Tommy Clements and Jess June out of Jackson, TN in what once was McDaniel's old shop. If you are interested in the pictures, they...
  15. alpine9430

    Cash Cue: Traditional 4 Ebony points

    Here is a Cash Cue I received a couple of months ago that for the first time I had a chance with time and weather to take some pictures of a cue. The cue design belongs to the a Classical Design that was the inspiration of a Traditional Cue with 4 Ebony points and a Birds Eye Maple Forearm...
  16. alpine9430

    Justis Case for My Szamboti's

    Just received the case this past week from a friend on the forum. It was a shock to find such a gem that was available and the case is incredible. Let the pictures speak for themselves of the great work that goes into a Justis case. The work in this case is exceptional and it is a joy to put it...
  17. alpine9430

    Prized pieces in my collection

    Here are a couple of my cues from my collection. The cues in the line up from L/R are: Searing, Searing, RC3, Haley, Black Boar, Vollmer, Tascarella, Tascarella, Szamboti, and Szamboti. Enjoy. Myron
  18. alpine9430

    RC3 - West Palm

    My latest acquisition that I picked up just this past week. This cue has been around a while and was featured in the for sale section prior to VF this year. It is a gem of a cue and hoping that everyone would enjoy seeing a couple of pictures of the cue. Enjoy... Myron First up is a full...
  19. alpine9430

    Haley Group Shot...

    Thought I would add to the fun that we all had at SBE-2009 with a group shot of Ron Haley and some of the owners of Haley cues who attended the event. If you were missed this year, keep in touch since we hope to do it again next year. Front Row L-R: Troy (troro with No. 160), Guy (guycrunch...
  20. alpine9430

    High End Cues at 2009 SBE...

    Just got back from making the trip up to VF to attend the Super Billiards Expo. I had the time of my life running into old friends, meeting new friends, had the honor of finally talking and enjoying some precious moments with our own CueCaps (Alton arrived from Hawaii), and enjoying some great...