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  1. ugotda8

    Pristine High End Josey

    Sold! Sold! Sold!!
  2. ugotda8

    Sweet Josey Krull's Gate Cue

    Cue is sold
  3. ugotda8

    Loaded AE Custom for sale

    Cue is sold
  4. ugotda8

    $500.00 added 9-ball shootout- Fayetteville Ga

    Played on 9-foot Gandy Tables. Contact Mary Rakin or Kevin Jefferson for more details! 770-461-2496 This is the first of many tournaments that we will be hosting in the coming months. Like us on Facebook to keep up with events as they roll out.
  5. ugotda8

    Loaded 8 point Keith Josey for Sale

    SOLD Gabon Ebony forearm and butt. All white is Ivory including the joint, ferrules and buttcap. Materials used for the inlays are Ivory, Turquoise, Mother of Pearl and silver. Wrap is Black Elephant Ear. Cue is in pristine condition and rolls straight together or apart. One shaft has been...
  6. ugotda8

    Classic Cue 9 Ball Tournament

    Handicapped, Texas Express. First attempt at tournament with streaming video. Check us out on face book to see the live stream.!/pages/The-Classic-Cue/191586050856102
  7. ugotda8

    Handicapped 9 ball tournament

    We will be hosting a handicapped 9 ball tournament at The Classic Cue in Fayetteville Ga. Play to begin at 2PM and we will be streaming play from our feature table. Check us out in the streaming section later today!
  8. ugotda8

    Very nice Richard Black for sale

    Cue is sold!
  9. ugotda8

    High End Schon Elite For Sale

    For Sale! Ebony, Ivory and Abalone Schon Elite with Leather Wrap and Joint Protectors. 1 of 7 made. Comes with 2 Shafts. 1- Regular Schon shaft 1- Schon IV Shaft Length: 58" Weight: 19.75 oz (is adjustable) No Dents, Dings or Scratches on the cue. Cue is well balanced and it rolls...
  10. ugotda8

    Predator 5K8 - Brand Spankin New

    I just received this cue for some work I am doing for a friend of mine. He's a small dealer right now and things have been pretty tough for him lately. He was hurting for cash, so I made a deal with him for this cue to help him and me out a little. Cue is absolutely Brand new and is perfect...
  11. ugotda8

    The eyes have it

    I have an interesting question regarding focus and keeping your stroke staight. I am considered a much better player by my peers that I see myself being. But, for the sake of argument...I am probably a low B player most of the time with the ability to play a very strong A game some of the time...
  12. ugotda8

    High End- Ebony & Big Ivory Gulyassy

    Just an update for now...I have a pending sale on this cue. I hate to part with this cue, but I have too many cues and quite frankly I really need the money. I started to sell this cue about a year ago, and just couldn't follow through with it. So, I sold some others that I had. I won't tell...
  13. ugotda8

    New Cue

    Just got my new cue. Waited right at a year for this one, but was well worth it! Looks like I am changing cues! Anyone want to take a shot at who made it? Stained Birseye Maple 6 up and 6 down Ebony Points w/ Ivory inlays between points Ebony, Silver rings with Ivory Diamonds Ivory Butt Cap...
  14. ugotda8

    RC3- Custom Chudy for sale

    Pristine Chudy Cue for Sale: Very fancy Ebony and Ivory Cavalier 10 Points Ivory with Mother of Pearl inlays at base of Points Butt is a repeat of the lower part of the forearm 58" and 19.0 oz Silver rings at a,b,c,d,e leather Wrap 2 shafts with ivory Ferrules both in excellent condition. Shaft...
  15. ugotda8

    New Gulyassy

    This cue is listed in for sale and trade as well. I love the cue and it plays outstanding. But, other issues at hand have foced me to make some very tough decisions.
  16. ugotda8

    Brand new Gulyassy Custom Masterpiece

    Just got this cue about 2 weeks ago, and had paid for it at a time that accomodated me owning several nice cues. My current situation has put me in the position of having to unload some of my cues to help a family member. I also have a Nice Chudy that I am wanting to sell as well. The Chudy was...
  17. ugotda8

    New Cue

    New Gulyassy Cue Hey Guys, I just received my new Gulyassy and the wait was well worth it. I don't normally post on the site, but visit often just to see what folks are selling or talking about. But, at this moment....I just can't help myself. I just had to share this with everyone. The cue...
  18. ugotda8

    The Classic Cue

    In case any of you would be inerested, there is a really nice pool room in Fayetteville Georgia called the Classic Cue. Probably one of the nicest pool rooms south of Atlanta. They have 18- 9 foot Gandys and 2- 7 foot bar tables. They have a full menu of Food, drink (yes they have beer) They...