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  1. poolfool1957

    One more? Bocote and Curly Kielwood

    This one looks amazing in person. Nice, simple and classy ringwork....for me, it's normally let the wood do the talking so ringwork has to hit me right or else, skip it.
  2. poolfool1957

    And one more Schmelke with Kielwood and Curly Maple

    This one turned out great! I like a 29 inch butt and a 30 inch shaft with a long, almost straight taper between 17-19 inches. Another one that the rules were, keep it simple and let the wood do the talking
  3. poolfool1957

    Another nice set from my friends at Schmelke

    Keep it simple with a little tweak and some sweet woods. Goncolo and Ebony on both cues. 2 Kielwood shafts for the shooter and a Ricochet carbon break shaft for the Break/Jump
  4. poolfool1957

    Schmelke Kielwood shafts

    Just sharing for those who may want to try a Kielwood shaft without sticker shock. I had David at Schmelke build me two kielwood 30 inch Radial shafts with a long taper like the Jacoby Black has and 3/8 inch ferrules. They did so at a 12.4mm tip diameter. The shafts came out great and i...
  5. poolfool1957

    Decola or Dicola or both?

    Forgive my ignorance here, I've seen both Decola and Dicola cues listed for sale. Are we talking two different cue makers or is it simply a spelling issue?
  6. poolfool1957

    Looking for 3-4 black G-10 pins in 3/8-10

    Let me know, even if you only have one or two please
  7. poolfool1957

    My new Stenback cue

    60 inch cue by Keith Stenback. Tulipwood and Black Ash Burl. The cue has burl rings, turquoise rings, copper trim rings and a copper pin. It looks stunning in person and the finish is super!
  8. poolfool1957

    nsafellow, anyone heard anything from him recently?

    I made a purchase that turned out to have issues that were not mentioned in the sale thread. I contacted him here via pm and offered to send pics. He gave me his phone number to text him pictures. He has not responded to my text, my call or my pm's since I sent him the pics. The man has over 300...
  9. poolfool1957

    A couple new Schmelke builds

    Cue 1 is a striped ebony and gaboon plain jane. It has a Radial G-10 pin and will have a Jacoby Black shaft and a Roper 8 inch CF extension. Cue 2 is a cocobolo full splice into some really nice birdseye. This one has a 3/8-10 pin and is getting a new maple shaft with a carbon rod insert. I...
  10. poolfool1957

    Looking for a Whitten 3 x6 or 4 x 8

    found one.....
  11. poolfool1957

    Super sneaky with OB shaft

    I have a mint condition super sneaky available. It plays as good as anything I've ever owned. It's made from a Schmelke blank, straight grain dark rosewood into straight grain maple. There is no joint collar. When it's screwed together it's very difficult to see the joint at all. The finish is a...
  12. poolfool1957

    Need a rules interpratation please

    Team 8 ball tourney this past weekend. VENA rules were used. No coaching is allowed. One of the players has run down to the 8 ball and is about to shoot it in for the win. Another guy on his team approaches the table and stops the shooter mid-stroke. He tells him he still has the 1 ball left...
  13. poolfool1957

    Schon Skull cue

    Who wants to move one? I'd really like one of the Omega, trade or cash plus trade for the right one.
  14. poolfool1957

    WTB a McDermott Breedlove Guardian

    Don't want one that needs work. Butt only is fine.
  15. poolfool1957

    Copper Joint Pin

    I need one or maybe a few if available. Can anyone steer me to where I can buy one or more?
  16. poolfool1957

    Limbsavers for sale

    I have some Limbsavers left over from my Summit Cue days. They are getting to be a real hard item to find and the prices have gone up accordingly. I have 7 of the 25133 model and 3 of the 25131 model. I want $40.00 each, shipped for the 25133 and $35.00 each, shipped for the 25131
  17. poolfool1957

    Looking for a McDermott M8-PS5

    Must be clean and straight. Butt only is fine.
  18. poolfool1957

    Looking for a McDermott Peak

    I found one
  19. poolfool1957

    In search of a dark blue lizard or leather wrap

    Anyone have one you just couldn't find a use for? Has to be on the darker side. Some black is fine as long as blue is the primary color. Lizard would be my first choice. Thanks!
  20. poolfool1957

    In search of a dark blue or a blue and black lizard wrap

    Looking high and low. If need be I can look at a textured leather wrap in a darker shade of blue. I have a new Summit cue set being built and the shooter would look great with a blue wrap to go along with the ring work. I checked with the usual wrap selling suspects and so far the only one I've...