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    John Schmidt compliments Jayson and the 714 run

    The original one was about 10 times better than the remake.
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    John Schmidt compliments Jayson and the 714 run

    This was the original twilight zone episode, Jack Klugman the star was an avid pool player his whole life and was considered a talented amateur
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    Eagle Eye Takes Aim at 14.1 High Runs

    Go back and look at your post #42 in this thread and you will realize you are the dumbs!!!
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    Eagle Eye Takes Aim at 14.1 High Runs

    Duh!!! Here is your post. Now who is the dumb ass. Haha!! (oh, also you could say unnecessarily or needlessly but there is no word un-needlessly)
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    Eagle Eye Takes Aim at 14.1 High Runs

    HaHa! I know a 7 year old who makes stuff up like that after they are wrong, he also invents stuff he didn't say.
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    Eagle Eye Takes Aim at 14.1 High Runs

    Your actual quote "...high run of around 318 BUT NO HIGHER THAN THAT!" So, you were wrong by 396 balls. How does it feel to be that WRONG?????????
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    Cops called to the pool hall

    49,513,350 Cases which had an outcome: 47,938,950 (97%) Recovered / Discharged 1,574,400 (3%) Deaths The death rate worldwide is actually 3% of the cases to date. This would make it 20 times more deadly than the flu.
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    Keith McCready story

    A story told to me by the recently deceased JJ Jenkins. If you knew JJ you can appreciate his story telling ability. "It was Santa Monica in the 60's. The place was alive, it had a pulse all its own. The action was unreal, money flowed through that place like water. There were more high...
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    10 reasons you may or may not need an aiming system

    #10. If you have been playing for years and you still miss shots you should make you could probably use an aiming system. #9. If you are sure you are aiming in the right place and you are stroking the ball but it isn't going in the hole you may need an aiming system. #8. If your high run in...
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    is knocking acceptable?

    I recently had some back and forth postings with Lou Figueroa in a thread of where to play in LA. He had trouble getting a game in LA at Santa Monica Billiards. I was not aware until tonight that there was video footage of him trying to get a game in Santa Monica which pretty much shows how...
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    AZ gets it wrong - Player of Year

    According to AZ in their story on player of the year. " Shane Van Boening, had a great year. He won more money than Orcullo by playing in more events." This is not true. In events that Orcullo and Shane played in common Shane won about $97,000 and Orcullo around $60,000 According to AZ "The...
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    us open final 6 (6 countries)

    I believe this is a first for the US Open where the final 6 are from 6 different countries (Finland, England, Spain, Phillipines, U.S. and Canada).
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    world series of poker

    Jean Robert Bellande who was known as Action Bobby in the pool world for a number of years until he turned to poker 5 or 6 years ago is doing pretty good at this moment in the main event. He is in the top 20 and guaranteed 57K at the moment but looking for a lot bigger payday (top prize is...
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    Scott Frost is THE GREATEST

    For anyone out there who thinks Scott Frost is just a one-pocket player I am posting a few links so you have a better idea of just how great Scott Frost is.
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    3 one pocket books by Scott Frost In "Run the Risk" Scott covers risk/reward ratios and when it is time to run the risk and go for the win in one-pocket. In "Never Fear" Scott covers the mental side of the game of 1 pocket and the importance of overcoming your fears. In...
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    Scott Frost-funny story and update

    Scott Frost was playing Jean Robert (Bobby) Bellande (the card player, Survivor participant) one-pocket a number of years ago getting 9-6 for $200 a game. Bobby didn't know who Scott was and was getting drilled. After Scott had robbed Bobby of his bankroll, Bobby came over to us to borrow some...
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    Scott Frost bitten by black widow

    A good friend of Scott Frost's just told me that Scott was bitten by a black widow. He is under emergency care and had a seizure last night. He has a MRSA infection in the leg and apparently it could be a life threatening condition and may require surgery. The friend of Scott's said he just...
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    IPT optimists?

    I was wondering how many others there are like me who are optimistic about the IPT. I have read a lot of the negative messages about the IPT and Kevin Trudeau. Nothing I have read or observed about the IPT or Kevin Trudeau has me convinced that the IPT can't be successful or KT is a bad guy (I...
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    Best Bankers by Derby results $ won

    #1 Jason Miller #2 Brian Gregg #3 Shannon Daulton #4 Danny Harriman #5 Truman Hogue #6 Stevie Moore
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    Short Bus Russ barking at me

    "Yup.. But I don't think you'll believe in that C player stuff after I take the 10-7 you offered me and I cram it up your ***..... But, while you still are convinced you know my speed, please let me know which pool hall you play out of, and your full name, so I know where to come to get that...