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  1. RackOnTour

    Accu-stats PPV on mobile devices

    I have purchased the PPV for this year's US Open 9-Ball and while there are no problems if I view on my laptop or desktop...there are issues with viewing on Android. Jim at Accu-Stats has been helpful but I am still not able to view the stream. Is anybody out there having success viewing on...
  2. RackOnTour

    The other big match on today.

    I posted a couple of weeks ago about a money match taking place in Australia. The match kicks off in a couple of hours and each player is now putting $12,000 on the line! We all know the focus is on the SVB v Archer TAR match but it is fantastic to see players betting big with their own money...
  3. RackOnTour

    Possible TAR format addition.

    I started to reply to the "Hatch The Shark" thread after reading Kid Dynomite's repy which I have posted here. Then I thought it might be better served with its own thread to keep that thread OT. What a great idea. Grady was certainly on the money. It would however be a nightmare tring to keep...
  4. RackOnTour

    $20,000 BIG money 'Down Under'

    $20,000 BIG money 'Down Under' - LINK FIXED For anybody that is interested there is a MAJOR money match planned for 24th May in Sydney, Australia. Participants are Hoc Sung and Ben Nunan. Ben is a multiple Australian champion and Hoc is definitely no slouch. Each player is putting up $10,000 in...
  5. RackOnTour

    Urgent Call to assist SVB!

    Shane has had his bags and cues 'misplaced' by an airline in Jakarta. Is there anybody there that can assist him and provide him with some new equipment ASAP - even temporarily?
  6. RackOnTour

    New member testing

    Hopefully this counts towards post quota and I get the signature bit right.