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  1. Sealegs50

    $4,000 New RC3 or Tonkin

    Richard and Pete each make fine cues. The future market for existing cues is difficult to predict. I have always bought for personal interest and not for future value. If my cues don’t increase in value, I don’t care. I am happy with my purchases regardless. For $4K, you should really love...
  2. Sealegs50

    Ivory spelling?

    I thought that people were trying to hide their ads from searches specifying “ivory”.
  3. Sealegs50

    Best of the Best Cue Makers

    I might argue that one.
  4. Sealegs50

    what are the biggest spots you've seen/heard of given?

    In the early 80’s, our local pool hall had a weekly 9-ball tournament that Kim Davenport played in occasionally. I was a C+ player. When matched up against Kim, I would get the 7 and 8 and 2 games on the wire in a race to 5. I won the match once.
  5. Sealegs50

    Schick and Wheeler

    Bill’s cues are great players. I have owned mine for 25 years.
  6. Sealegs50

    Funny pic/gif thread...

  7. Sealegs50

    Eagle Eye Takes Aim at 14.1 High Runs

    I never liked “Eagle Eye”. Maybe Jason should be “The Babe”.
  8. Sealegs50

    Cocobolo/ebony twist

    Beautiful!!! You have been putting out some amazing work. Thanks for posting.
  9. Sealegs50

    Collection Updated 2022

    Nice collection. Thanks for posting the pic.
  10. Sealegs50

    NY Times Crossword Puzzle 12/30/21

    You got me!
  11. Sealegs50

    NY Times Crossword Puzzle 12/30/21

    Good for you. I tried to learn Go while I was in school. One of my labmates was from Taiwan who would play me. But he was playing at such a different skill level that I didn’t get much out of the experience. We would play 9x9 or 11x11 and each time I made a play early in the game, he would...
  12. Sealegs50

    Collection Updated 2022

    Nice collection. Do you have a favorite?
  13. Sealegs50

    Little Q & A I did with Ann Gore

    Great post. When did you interview her?
  14. Sealegs50

    NY Times Crossword Puzzle 12/30/21

    Many/most folks have heard of Sudoku puzzles. For me, they’re OK. Some are too easy and the Evil/Diabolical puzzles can be tedious to solve. So it’s not my favorite. But another puzzle that was brought to the US by Will Shortz is called KenKen. I prefer it to Sudoku. It is also a number...
  15. Sealegs50

    NY Times Crossword Puzzle 12/30/21

    Quite a few years ago, 60 Minutes did a feature on Will Shortz. The interviewer mentioned that the crossword was determined to be responsible for 10% of the sales of the newspaper. He asked Will how it felt not to be invited to the editorial board and staff writers meetings when nobody in that...
  16. Sealegs50

    NY Times Crossword Puzzle 12/30/21

    N I don’t know, but I checked my app archive and freds is correct. That puzzle first appeared on 11/26. It doesn’t really matter one way or the other. If you get it for free, good for you. NYT crossword is the best puzzle.
  17. Sealegs50

    NY Times Crossword Puzzle 12/30/21

    Interesting. I subscribe to the puzzle on-line and work it everyday but Sunday. I thought it was the same puzzle as the print version. Rex Parker’s blog matches my on-line puzzles. Kate Hawkins was not the author of either puzzle in my app.
  18. Sealegs50

    NY Times Crossword Puzzle 12/30/21

    ??? I just now finished yesterday’s puzzle and there was no 57 Across.
  19. Sealegs50

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Painful to watch. My step-father was a brilliant guy and one of those boyhood science wonders. As a kid he liked to perform chemistry experiments in the garage until one day when he blew the garage door off. He decided to switch interests and went into law.