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  1. Rick S.

    Kevin Trudeau Guilty (convicted in 45 mins)|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D405254
  2. Rick S.

    Brunswick Centennial Table for sale! (nicest you'll find anywhere)

    Brunswick Centennial is now for sale....One of the nicest, if not THE nicest Centennial in existence. NO expense spared with this table. This table was featured in Billiard Digest's Magazine. (Best Home Poolroom edition) Table I had always wanted to restore an older Brunswick pool table and...
  3. Rick S.

    Gold Medal for Appleton

    Darren wins the GOLD medal at the World games!! Went hill-hill.....He was ahead in the match till it got to 7-7 then went down 9-7 and came back to tie it at 9-9, then 10-10 to 11. CONGRATS Darren.....way to hang in there!
  4. Rick S.

    Old Joss ID ...please

    One of my friends recently picked this old Joss up. Looking for some help ID'ing it. Looking for general info, model, age, approx. value..... THANKS!!!
  5. Rick S.

    2012 Mosconi Cup U.S. Team members....

    Is supposed to be announced TODAY...(CJ quit holding out!)
  6. Rick S.

    Stevie Moore - Johnny Archer ...... Artwork

    Something a tad bit out of the ordinary....:smile:
  7. Rick S.

    Shane VS Alex....

    in 5 minutes!!
  8. Rick S.

    my head's in mississippi.......... and I'm not.. :( this songs only fitting.....since I'm sitting at home with the blues after missing this event.
  9. Rick S.

    another armed robbery home invasion...AZB's Billiardchick John Hennessee's g/f Sorry to hear it, couldn't have happened to a nicer girl. Sure hope they catch the guys responsible. She's doing better now...
  10. Rick S.

    Florian has company!! TRICK SHOTS.....amazing.

    Alex Lely posted this on Facebook.....Kid has never set foot in a pool room!! Learned by watching the internet....AMAZING!!
  11. Rick S.

    2011 BCA Southwest Regional Championship Photos

    2011 BCAPL Southwest Regional Championship Photos Had a great time at Ft. McDowell Resort and Casino located just outside of Phoenix Az. Got to see some amazing pool, and see a bunch of old friends. A holiday it truly was.....take a look!! Here's the fountain that you could see from the...
  12. Rick S.

    'Unofficial'..... USA Mosconi Cup Points list tightening up

    After the Seminole tournament this past weekend it seems we are going to have a real run for the money to make the 2011 Mosconi Cup Team. Top 3 players w/most points are IN automatically. Matchroom Sports picks the remaining 2 members. Seems the Seminole Tour lists the payouts thru 20th place...
  13. Rick S.

    CJ Wiley 'Sketch'

    It's good to see CJ back again on the tournament trail.
  14. Rick S.

    Fatboy live in Las Vegas

    Ran into Eric while in Vegas, he introduced me to his friend Mike Mitchell. This is the fellow that bestowed the name 'Fatboy' on Eric. And Fatboy by himself. One of these days we're going to have some extra time to BS around. He always catches me w/camera in hand. (working) Good seeing...
  15. Rick S.

    US Open 10 Ball and One Pocket photos...

    Link is on the bottom of the Main page. Click here if you don't want to go back... 10 Ball photos........... One Pocket photos... I have received a few e mails...
  16. Rick S.

    Spot the Differences Contest...Prize included!'s the deal!! I have made some changes in the BOTTOM photo. Some subtle, some aren't!! You're going to have to look GOOD to spot the differences!! First place is going to win a personally autographed sketch-photo (8x10) of a pro player. Something that would look great on your wall. I...
  17. Rick S.

    Mosconi Cup 'Conspiracy' ????

    During the live stream today Shawn Putnam mentioned "9-10 American players have got together and have voted not to play if Earl makes the team" Pretty sure I know who 2 of them might be. Who are the others? I'm curious. Do you really think they'll turn down 10-15K plus a chance to play for...
  18. Rick S.

    Dippy does Billiards Digest..."Derby's other Star"

    Nice article on Dippy in this month's issue. Who he is, and where he came from. But not where he'll be next.
  19. Rick S.

    Playing with a Disability? (Earl-Shane)

    After hearing all the disability talk, and talking w/friends I really began to wonder which disability would be worse to have? (wouldn't wish either on my worst enemy) Which one would affect someone's performance more? A mental disability, or a physical disability? Mental disabilities can't...
  20. Rick S.

    World 8 Ball recap....Efren beats Dennis O.... Shane loses...7-3

    Rodney, and Earl are hanging on, not having lost a match yet. (2-0) Earl plays Vincent Facquet for the hotseat of their bracket. Rodney will play Karl Boyes for the hotseat in their bracket. Cory suffered a loss right out of the gate, but is still hanging on winning his last match 7-0...