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    Making a cue lighter

    So I have a ebony on ebony cue that weighs over 20oz. I love the look of the cue and at the time I wasn't playing much so the extra weight helped keep my stroke steady. Now since I'm playing more often I'm struggling with soft stroking the heavy cue. My thought is possibly having a cue maker...
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    WTB Brent Summer

    I am looking for a Brent Summers cues if there is anyone looking to come off of one. I'll have cash ready at the end of August and figure I would get some what of an start looking. I haven't don't much dealing on but I have some and I have reference outside of here if needed.
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    wtb break shaft

    I have 2 cues i would like to use as a break but i need a new shaft for either one, I'm looking for either a 3/8x10 joint around .840, or a 5/16-18 same joint, for around 70 or 80. anybody have anything?