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    2022 Derby City Pool Balls

    Does anyone know what pool balls (especially cue ball) will be used this year at the DCC? Thank you in advance, Kollegedave
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    Diamond Pocket Problems and Black Marks...again

    Recently I had a 9 foot Diamond Pro-Am installed in my basement. It looks and plays great. However, I immediately started getting black marks on the balls from the pockets. I searched old threads on this topic. Many guys said the treat the pockets with mink oil. I did. 5 least...
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    Chris Robinson v. Danny Olson

    I may be interested in sweating some of this match. Does anyone know what time it will start? Also, some outfit called "Ship the Cash" seems to be doing a free stream of the event. I went to their website and there is a tab for LIVE ACTION, but no information about this relatively big match...
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    Accu-Stats Youtube Channel

    In case some of you don't know, Accu-Stats has released some matches for free on its Youtube channel from the International Open. I have really enjoyed these, and I hope they continue. If someone from Accu-Stats sees this: Thank you, and please keep'em coming. kollegedave
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    Cynergy Update and Question

    I have been playing with the Cuetec Cynergy for a month now. I am getting used to the change in deflection from my regular maple shafts, but I am still not there all the way. It is important to know if you are attempting to change shafts from maple to LD, that it will take some time. In...
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    AZ Billiards Player Interviews

    I, for one, am a fan of these new AZ Billiards Player Interviews. So, to whoever is responsible, I would like to say thank you, and this member is interested in reading more. I am particularly interested in their responses about what amateur players should practice or how they should practice...
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    Cuetec Cynergy Shaft Initial Impression and Review

    Recently, I decided to try a carbon fiber shaft. After, studying everything I could find on the internet regarding each manufacturer of carbon shafts. I decided to order the Cuetec Cynergy. I thought I would write something about my thoughts behind deciding on the Cuetec, and provide people...
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    Mosconi Cup Watching Live

    On the Matchroon website they say the Mosconi Cup is available on DAZN for those living in the U.S. I live in the U.S. They also say for countries not listed, then the cup can be viewed on facebook live. I take this to mean that if you live in the U.S., then you will not be able to view the...
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    An Observation on John Schmidt's Run, and Pool, and Alex Honhold

    I recently watched Free Solo. It is a documentary about Alex Honhold’s quest to free solo “El Capitan”. “Free Solo” means climbing a cliff with your hands, chalk, and no rope—in case you didn’t know. Perhaps, this goes without saying, but most “free solo-ers” live a short life. I could not...
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    Higher Stakes = More Improvement or No?

    I think a significant portion of the pool playing community has long recognized that, at least for many people, engaging in “action” matches can have a positive impact on the skill level of those competing. This makes sense, as with something at stake, the participants are likely going to “try...
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    DCC Bigfoot 10 Ball Lineup

    I haven't heard or seen an announcement about the players that will be competing in the Bigfoot Ten Ball Tournament. Does anybody know the players or when they will be announced? kollegedave
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    Even if US comes back...

    So matchroom changes everything. Even if the U.S. comes back, if I am Europe, I am saying that if Matchroom didn't stop Europe's momentum, then Europe would have one. There is no winning here for the U.S....even if they win. kollegedave
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    Impressive Stroke

    I found this on youtube. I thought I would share it with you all; it is simply impressive. kollegedave
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    Eye Pattern Before Shooting

    To the extent most people talk about pre-shot routines, I hear and see them talk about how they physically move into a shooting position. I think there is comparatively little talk about a routine for eye movement between the cue ball and object ball prior to the shot. I have tried a couple...
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    2016 dcc

    I have been fortunate to attend the 14, 15, and 16 DCC events. Each of these years, I attended Saturday to Wednesday. This year, there was an announcement that this was the largest Bank Pool Tournament ever with 501 players participating. However, in general, there seemed (to me) to be...
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    *** Old Lambros and By George Case, Exchange at DCC ***

    I would like to sell my old Lambros cue, and "By George" Case. I was hoping to make an agreement here and do the exchange down at the DCC. The cue is heavily used, it has one shaft, damage to the shaft end of the ultra joint (as seen in the pictures--the little extension that sets on the shaft...
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    Big Muddy Free Roll???

    So I called the number for the Billiard Center in Cape Girardeau that is listed on their super old facebook page, and the number was disconnected. Is the Billiard Center closed? If it is not closed, does anyone know if they are having the Big Muddy Free Roll this year? kollegedave
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    Time Down On A Shot (Longer Post)

    A recent post about “quiet eyes” got me thinking about what is happening when someone is down on a shot. Anecdotally, it seems to me that I am more successful in executing when I spend less time down on a shot. Of course, this begs the question: What is long vs. short in the time down on a...
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    Really Long Pool Sessions

    Is there a correlation between the skill level of a player and their participation in extra long sessions of pool? Or maybe another way to say it: Do you all think very long sessions are required or at least extremely helpful in moving from proficient amateur to a more accomplished level of...
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    USA Mosconi Cup Team

    I realize that my opinion means very little. However, in seeing how this year is shaping up, here is the Mosconi Cup team I would pick: 1) SVB 2) Bergman 3) Hall 4) Dominguez 5) Deuel